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1. any of the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens of a country by its constitution
a. the right of a lawyer to refuse to divulge information obtained in confidence from a client
b. the right claimed by any of certain other functionaries to refuse to divulge information
3. the rights and immunities enjoyed by members of most legislative bodies, such as freedom of speech, freedom from arrest in civil cases during a session, etc.
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the granting of some concession; a partial exemption from fulfilling established rules or obligations (tax privileges or pension privileges) or the easing of the conditions of their fulfillment.

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(1) The rights granted to a single user or group of users who operate a computer. Administrative privileges allow a user the right to make any and all changes in the computer, including setting up accounts for other users. User-level privileges are more restricted. See access rights.

(2) The rights granted to software running in the computer, which determines which hardware and software resources can be accessed and changed. See privileged mode and access mode.
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If feels amazing winning with Alshaya's PRIVILEGES CLUB," exclaimed one of the nine PRIVILEGES CLUB members who has just won a prize in Alshaya's latest PRIVILEGES CLUB Super Draw that totaled more than KD 60,000.
Deploy stacked user and asset-based policies using Smart Group and Smart Rules to target individual assets and users that need privileges, allowing elevated granular control across the organization.
"SailPoint IdentityIQ users can now leverage the fine-grained controls and verifiable audit visibility through detailed activity logs, session monitoring and keystroke logging to understand who is doing what with their privileges. Combined with BeyondTrust's strong behavioral analytics, organisations can more effectively identify and mitigate external and internal information security threats," said Dan DeRosa, chief product officer, BeyondTrust.
BeyondTrust is a worldwide provider of Privilege-Centric Security, offering the most seamless and straightforward approach to preventing data breaches related to stolen credentials, hijacked insider accounts, and misused privileges. Learn more at
7525 privileges. This can be an important point for CPAs who share privileged information with a client's independent auditor, as providing the privileged information to the independent auditor would waive the privilege even if the auditor agreed to keep the information confidential and not further disclose it.
ISLAMABAD -- A meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges was held on Wednesday under the Chairmanship of Rana Muhamamd Qasim Noon, MNA.
With this generation perceived as feeling entitled and with an era marked with online fighting, is it about time we checked our privileges? Phoebe Maltz Bovy in her book, 'The Perils of Privilege,' postulates that every online fight will result in an accusation of privilege.
Why is it difficult, then, for people in dominant groups to recognize the privileges their group has just for being the right color, sexual orientation, gender, class, religion, or body-type?
Often these privileges are unacknowledged because they are coded into the very rights of citizenship in this country, and there is an assumption that, post-slavery (and other racial atrocities), these rights are available to all.
The above items could be considered "advantages" that some have over others, but they are certainly not confined to whites, nor are they privileges granted only to whites, and not all whites enjoy such advantages.
Regulations and the auditors who enforce them require much more than just removing administrator privileges from endpoints.