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1. Maths a statement requiring a solution usually by means of one or more operations or geometric constructions
2. designating a literary work that deals with difficult moral questions
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in the broad sense, a complex theoretical or practical question requiring study and a solution. In science, a problem consists in a contradictory situation that arises in the form of opposing views to the explanation of any given phenomenon, object, or process and that requires an adequate theory for its solution. A key prerequisite for the solution of a problem is its correct statement or formulation. An incorrectly stated problem merely detracts attention from the solution of the real problem. [21–8—4]

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Recording diagnoses for reimbursement and the problem list was quite different under the new system.
The importance of implementing and maintaining an up-to-date problem list can't be overstated.
The gap between clinically active problems and the data in the EMR affects not just problem lists. Clinical applications that support proactive care protocols, such as case management and real-time decision support, are severely hindered when patient data is missing or out of date.
If EP is indicated, the recommendation should be clearly documented in the chart, preferably on a problem list. Physicians need to know the current AHA antibiotic regimens for dental procedures and have the other AHA regimens easily accessible.
Site 1 flagged DM patients from problem list content from previously built year-end quality measure tables, based on an International Classification of Diseases ver.
Similar to identifying hypertension, comorbidities were identified during the observation year using 1) medical billing claims only ([paragraph][paragraph]); 2) problem list diagnosis codes; or 3) other clinical data.
The average DT score was 3.7, with an average of 6.51 problems selected from the problem list. The average HADS-A score was 5.46, and the average HADS-D score was 3.35.
This suggests that--like other issues--the absence of taxes on the most important problem list doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't an underlying priority.
One clinician and one nurse review the schedule to look at the reason for visit, problem list items, special circumstances, and the like.
It describes the context for the model, including the definition of case formulation, its benefits and goals, its history, and contemporary influences; the use of sound reasoning; culturally responsive formulation; the context of the evidence-based integrative approach to psychotherapy, the four basic components of the model, how and what type of information to gather, and basic principles for applying a formulation to treatment; and the steps of the model (creating a problem list, creating a diagnosis, developing an explanatory hypothesis for why the client is having problems, and treatment planning), as well as criteria for evaluating the quality of a case formulation and their application.
Figure 2: GERD (on problem list) confirmed by history and/or endoscopy.

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