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In November, the American Institute of Mathematics developed what it calls the AIM problem lists, designed to help researchers track and add their expertise to unsolved math problems.
To optimize decision support, the CPOE system needs an accurate problem list to trigger evidence-based order sets to standardize care and reduce unexplained variability.
While the closed fracture and delayed healing detail is helpful, the fact that the patient was presenting for a subsequent visit does not belong on a problem list.
Major Finding: Rural patients fared worse on every mental health outcome variable measured, including subscales of the MOS-36, HADS, and NCCN Distress Thermometer Rating and Problem List.
As part of a pilot program launched in 2009, physicians at the VA and Kaiser Permanente in San Diego have been exchanging data on problem lists, medications, and allergies.
The Problem list should be reviewed and updated at every patient encounter, in accordance with the individual specialty's standard of care, and problems not currently clinically relevant should be filed to history and marked as resolved.
It starts each chart's problem list and satisfies audit criteria.
This includes a problem list compile by the speakers that reflects some of the most important questions in various areas of logic, and the presenters cover such topics as a stationary-tower-free proof of the derives model theorem, a proof of an absoluteness theorem, a simple inductive measure analysis of cardinals under the axiom of determinacy, the complexity of index set and Ehrenfeucht theories, computable structures in familiar classes, the classes of separating sets, voting rules for infinite sets and Boolean algebras, "very mad families," Borel boundedness and the lattice surrounding property, and Steinhous sets and Jackson sets.
The unemployment rate in construction was pushed down to a record low in 2000 when both residential and nonresidential construction were surging, and labor shortages were at the top of the problem list for home builders.
This requires the physician to understand something about the patient beyond his problem list.
This updated problem list subset includes 232 SNOMED CT concepts that Kaiser Permanente uses to place Radiology orders.
These issues have ranked at the top of the most important problem list since the beginning of 2014.

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