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But proboscis monkeys don't seem to be able to smell any better than monkeys with short noses.
Baby proboscis monkeys' are born with tiny upturned noses, blue faces, and silver-blue fur.
He has also been involved in conservation programmes for orangutans, elephants, proboscis monkeys and the elusive slow loris.
The proboscis monkey - a reddish-brown, pot-bellied primate - rose to prominence in Britain when Attenborough featured it as part of his Wildlife on One BBC series in 1988.
Bako National Park, a good day trip from Kuching, contains a range of animals, including Borneo's second most recognisable primate, the proboscis monkey. If you stay overnight in park accommodation, prepare for an early wake-up call when one of these bulbous-nosed beasts lands on the roof.
UGLY ADJECTIVES, TE 6 Animal Article Adjectives Your Adjectives Proboscis monkey proboscis, oversize, large Answers will vary Leaf-tailed gecko leaf tailed, creepy Answers will vary Wrinkle-faced bat wrinkle-faced, short and wide, Answers will vary odd-shaped Star-nosed mole star-nosed, fleshy, Answers will vary tentaclelike Marabou stork bald, gruesome Answers will vary Sea pig I plump, gelatinous Answers will vary Questions: Answers will vary.
The Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam is within walking distance of some of the city's famous tourist attractions such as the Jame' Asr Mosque, Brunei's largest mosque; Kampong Ayer, the world's oldest over-water village and the Ulu Ulu Resort, a national park and home to the near extinct proboscis monkey.
Over the next two years 72,000 trees will be planted, which will aid in the survival of other endangered wildlife as well, including the storms stork, Borneon bristlehead, and rare endemic species such as the proboscis monkey and Borneon gibbon.
But savvy locals can discern each cry with dead reckoning: the screech of the proboscis monkey, the call of the Sunda ground cuckoo, the trill of a cell phone?
'The VMY2020 logo was designed to portray important elements to woo tourists to our country, such as eco-tourism, which is represented by the orangutan, proboscis monkey, and turtle, to attract foreign tourist to visit Malaysia.
Although these psychedelic species may look unreal, they are just as real as the weird Kuru laughing virus or the big-nosed proboscis monkey. I have amassed a huge dossier crammed with reports of these surreal creatures, and noted how many of them have befriended children as "imaginary friends".
"They have huge noses, gouty demeanours, pale faces and a permanent state of arousal like large sections of the English aristocracy" - Comedian and wildlife expert Bill Bailey's description of the proboscis monkey.