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a. the institution of a legal action
b. any step taken in a legal action
2. legal action; litigation
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in Soviet law, a procedure established by law to regulate the conduct of investigative and judicial actions, the adoption of decisions, and the relations of participants in criminal and civil cases. The proceeding is based on the democratic principles of Soviet judicial procedure and is the form through which these principles are realized. It includes the body of rules providing for the thorough investigation of a case, the best conditions for evaluating the evidence, the active role of the parties to the case, and the strict observance by the parties of citizens’ rights (seeCRIMINAL PROCEDURE).

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Coroner Rofiah Mohamad said the court did not wish to extend the duration of the inquest and the proceedings would continue as scheduled.
"By promoting and prioritising debt restructuring proceedings over liquidation procedures, the New Law aims to prevent the liquidation of businesses with potential and reduce failure rates amongst small and medium-size enterprises."
As per rule one fourth of the total membership is essential to be present in the House to run the proceeding of the House.
ISLAMABAD -- Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri Friday suspended the proceedings of the House for few minutes due to lack of quorum.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court hearing petitions seeking open trial of the sitting judges facing references before the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) was informed on Tuesday that closed door proceedings against judges stigmatised their reputation.
A quo warranto proceeding is an action used to determine whether a person has legal right to hold public office.
The importance of the research question examined in this paper can be illustrated by the following practical examples: is a Scheme of Arrangement (U.K.) an insolvency proceeding for the purposes of Article 1 E.I.R.
[begin strikethrough] (1)--At least 1 portable television camera, operated by not more than 1 camera person, shall be permitted in any trial or appellate court proceeding. The number of permitted cameras shall be within the sound discretion and authority of the presiding judge.[end strikethrough]
A foreign debtor must obtain recognition of the foreign proceeding in order to obtain Chapter 15 relief.
The AIA kept the reissue and reexamination proceeedings, changed the interference proceeding to a derivation proceeding and added the options of supplemental examination, inter partes review, post grant review and covered business method proceedings.

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