process engineering

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process engineering

[′prä‚səs ‚en·jə‚nir·iŋ]
A service function of production engineering that involves selection of the processes to be used, determination of the sequence of all operations, and requisition of special tools to make a product.
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Process engineering

A branch of engineering in which a process effects chemical and mechanical transformations of matter, conducted continuously or repeatedly on a substantial scale. Process engineering constitutes the specification, optimization, realization, and adjustment of the process applied to manufacture of bulk products or discrete products. Bulk products are those which are homogeneous throughout and uniform in properties, are in gaseous, liquid, or solid form, and are made in separate batches or continuously. Examples of bulk product processes include petroleum refining, municipal water purification, the manufacture of penicillin by fermentation or synthesis, the forming of paper from wood pulp, the separation and crystallization of various salts from brine, the production of liquid oxygen and nitrogen from air, the electrolytic beneficiation of aluminum, and the manufacture of paint, whiskey, plastic resin, and so on. Discrete products are those which are separate and individual, although they may be identical or very nearly so. Examples of discrete product processes include the casting, molding, forging, shaping, forming, joining, and surface finishing of the component piece parts of end products or of the end products themselves. Processes are chemical when one or more essential steps involve chemical reaction. Almost no chemical process occurs without many accompanying mechanical steps such as pumping and conveying, size reduction of particles, classification of particles and their separation from fluid streams, evaporation and distillation with attendant boiling and condensation, absorption, extraction, membrane separations, and mixing. See Mechanical classification, Mechanical separation techniques, Mixing, Optimization, Production engineering

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The key lineup announced reflects a lot of the innovative trends associated with the process engineering sector.
7 June 2016 - US-based engineering, procurement and construction solutions company KP Engineering has closed its acquisition of Texas-based chemical engineering consulting and design firm McDaniel Process Engineering Consultants, Inc., the company said.
Chemists from France discuss tools and methods for implementing green processes, focusing on how to integrate social, environmental, technical, and economic criteria, optimize processes, and model processes with computer-aided process engineering. They also address technical aspects of process intensification, focusing on miniaturization and multifunctional reactors and the intensification of the chemical reaction and transport phenomena, including the use of ultrasound and microwaves, and new media, such as supercritical fluids used as a solvent or reaction medium, ionic liquids, water and solvent-free reactions, electrochemical processes, photocatalytic engineering, biocatalysis and bioprocesses, and catalysis.
Jawahery said the latest technology in the field of process engineering was on show at the conference, which was a valuable opportunity for the participants to meet and exchange vies on the current and emerging technologies in the process engineering field.
As Vice President of Process Engineering, Tom will work with customers worldwide to help them develop new products, design the most efficient thermal processes, and maximize existing thermal processes through system evaluations and staff training courses.
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Manama, Aug 17 (ONA) The Kingdom of Bahrain will host on September 29th, activities of the 2nd Middle East Process Engineering Conference and Exhibition (MEPEC 2013), titled "Overcoming Future Challenges through Engineering Excellence".
The new director holds a Bachelor of Science in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and a PhD in Mineral Process Engineering from the University of Alberta, and is considered among Canada's foremost experts in the mineral processing and environmental management of mining operations.
Molecular Profiles has entered into a strategic collaboration with GEA Process Engineering to use the GEA Niro DRYNETICS, a single particle spray drying approach, to assess early screening of poorly water soluble drugs and polymer compositions.

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