process printing

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process printing

[′prä‚ses ‚print·iŋ]
(graphic arts)
The printing from a series of two or more halftone plates to produce intermediate colors and shades.
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process color

A color printed from four separate printing plates. Four-color process printing uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) inks to produce full color reproduction. Contrast with spot color. See CMYK.
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Supplies heat-transfer labels in any combination of mirror metallics, brush metallics, process printing and straight-line graphics on one label in up to eight colors.
Nazdar MasterPrint experts will provide hands-on training in the latest technology of four-color process printing. Nazdar will offer numerous MasterPrint training courses in 2002.
Their award in the Process Printing on Wide Web non Polyethylene category was for their work with Geest Prepared Food - Barton.
Kase also offers the new CNC 8000 eight-color pail printer, a dry-offset machine said to reproduce line, halftone, or process printing with the utmost clarity and sharpness.
Clemson University, in Clemson, SC, USA, will conduct its annual Flexographic Process Printing symposium March 9-11.
Kase Equipment Corp., Willoughby, Ohio - Kase 908 sidewall printer for dairy cups and containers is a nine-color unit that can reproduce line, halftone, or process printing. Reportedly allows maximum flexibility in color separation for printing up to 500 parts/min.
- Model 528 for process printing on CDs has three screen-print heads for the white background, titles, and clearcoat, as well as four offset heads for process printing and intermediary curing to keep colors from mixing.
Anilox rolls created with this technology are for use with high quality process printing.
Visitors saw demonstrations of a Nilpeter FA-2500 flexo/UV-flexo press, which was complemented by a hot foil machine from Newfoil Machines, a Burton Omega rewinder and inspection table, a Stork RSI unit for screen process printing, and a Flexo Wash unit for cleaning anilox rolls.
The Ultraflex from Chadwick Inc., Green Bay, Wis., exceeds the previous maximum of eight colors for flexo presses and can be utilized for solid and process printing. It can be equipped with robotics for roll changes and has a new washdown system.
The nickel sleeve is said to be accurate enough for process printing and also resistant to cuts, cracks, or deterioration resulting from age or use.
The HSCD-1 is a modular, linear-format system designed to provide full-color process printing on CDs at speeds up to 100 parts/min.

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