processor complex

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processor complex

[′prä‚ses·ər ‚käm‚pleks]
(computer science)
The central portion of a very large computer consisting of several central processing units working in concert.
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(1) (Consumer Electronics Control) See HDMI CEC.

(2) (Central Electronic Complex) The set of hardware that defines a mainframe, which includes the CPU(s), memory, channels, controllers and power supplies included in the box. Some CECs, such as IBM's Multiprise 2000 and 3000, include data storage devices as well. Also known as "processor complex."
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Goods and Waste Processor Complex - Approximately 3600m 2 facility to manage goods and deliveries and waste disposal from the Midfield Terminal Complex.
The control/management plane, available with an optional Freescale 8548 Management Processor complex that includes up to two Gbytes of DDR2 DRAM and one GBbyte of NAND flash memory, utilizes separate Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express switches to connect each AdvancedMC site to the ATCA Base Fabric.
This has resulted in several management stovepipes that do not communicate particularly well, including processor complex management, network management, database management, application management and storage management.
Typical uses are connections in a high-performance processor complex or a high-performance backplane.

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