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2) attributed to a prodelta setting (Kennedy and Gibling 2011).
2012): Thick brachiopod Shell concentrations from prodelta and siliciclastic ramp in a Tortonian Atlantic-Mediterranean strait (Miocene, Guadix Basin, southern Spain).
Asi, la suite de trazas fosiles encontradas se relaciona directamente con la expresion "proximal" de la icnofacies Cruziana la cual se desarrolla en un ambiente de frente de playa inferior, frente deltaico a prodelta.
Fpr Depositos finos del prodelta, sedimentados en zonas tranquilas, por debajo de la linea de costa.
The sandstones of the Toi Formation are deltaic in origin and the greenish grey clays of the Shaheed Ghat Formation are considered to be prodelta clays (Waheed and Wells 1992).
En el prodelta del Canal del Dique y en la Cienaga Coquitos se identificaron depositos con contenidos intermedios de arena (25-50%), pobremente clasificados, simetricos y mesocurticos (Figs.
The Kernave Fm has been interpreted as shallow marine tidal flat and tidal bar deposits intercalated by tide-dominated deltaic formations (Kleesment 1997) or as being deposited in a tide-dominated deltaic setting that consists of prodelta mudstones, delta front tidal bar deposits intercalated by delta plain tidal flat and distributary channel deposits, which is also the characteristic depositional environment for the Arukula Fm (Tanavsuu-Milkeviciene & Plink-Bjorklund 2009).
Map and cross-section perspectives are used to explore aspects of the subaerial delta plain, distributary channels and mouth bars, as well as the delta front and prodelta components.
The mangrove swamp lands are associated with tidal inlets and they are therefore more prominent in those areas where estuaries penetrated farther inland, such as the western and eastern zones flanking the prodelta.
plano deltaico subacuoso) de menos de 5 m de profundidad, (2) el frente deltaico a profundidades que oscilan entre 5 m y 40 m, y (3) el prodelta a profundidades mayores de 40 m.
Elevations taken from borings of the top of the prodelta shale show an abrupt 10-foot-drop in datum along the site's northwestern corner, an area that required a dewatering trench.