product design

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product design

[′präd·əkt di‚zīn]
(design engineering)
The determination and specification of the parts of a product and their interrelationship so that they become a unified whole.

Product design

The determination and specification of the parts of a product and their interrelationship so that they become a unified whole. The design must satisfy a broad array of requirements in a condition of balanced effectiveness. A product is designed to perform a particular function or set of functions effectively and reliably, to be economically manufacturable, to be profitably salable, to suit the purposes and the attitudes of the consumer, and to be durable, safe, and economical to operate. For instance, the design must take into consideration the particular manufacturing facilities, available materials, know-how, and economic resources of the manufacturer. The product may need to be packaged; usually it will also need to be shipped so that it should be light in weight and sturdy of construction. The product should appear significant, effective, compatible with the culture, and appear to be worth more than the price. See Production engineering, Production planning

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Hankook Tire's new Ventus S1 evo 3 (K127) tire won an award for design quality at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019.
Daniella Kaligorsky, a third year Product Design student from Technological University Dublin, came up with CHECKKIT, a kit which shows how to conduct a self-examination for breast cancer.
Ryan will remain with the company to assist with the transition and will also assume a new role as President of product design, sourcing and merchandising.
Ericsson, a leading communications service provider, has won four Red Dot Product Design 2019 awards for Ericsson Radio System portfolio products.
Product Design and the Supply Chain: Competing Through Design
Summary: Spine Care Technologies Inc., announces a strategic alliance with an award-winning global product design and development company headquartered in New York.
The contemporary art gallery has worked with BSc Product Design degree course staff and students on a design project to create the range of jewellery items suitable for the MOSTYN shop.
2 November 2018 - UK-based Innovation and transformation consultancy PA Consulting has acquired Boston, US-based innovation strategy and product design business Essential Design, the company said.
At Product Design & Development, we're always seeking to improve our coverage of trends and issues that are important to you as you develop products and technologies of the future.
27 (ANI-NewsVoir): KNOCKONWOOD, a leading furniture brand announced that it has won the coveted IIID National Design Excellence Award 2017-18 in the product design category.
Brush Your Ideas, a web-to-print software solutions company is now offering a Standalone Product Design Tool for different ecommerce platforms.
TAC7 scanner, an innovative technology that captures physical material appearance for use in virtual design, wins international product design award.

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