product liability

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product liability:

see liabilityliability,
in law, an obligation of one party to another, usually to compensate financially. It is a fundamental aspect of tort law, although liability may also arise from duties entered into by special agreement, as in a contract or in the carrying out of a fiduciary duty.
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At the Belleville, Illinois, office, the firm has added Peter LeGrand, whose practice includes business and commercial law, insurance law, premises and retail liability, product liability, subrogation, and transportation.
Typically, product liability is obtained through a general liability policy.
Kay is the executive director of the Product Liability Coordinating Committee, a non-profit coalition of over 700,000 small and large American companies.
This liability that often costs financial and reputational damages to companies, manufacturers, industries and firms is known as "Product Liability." Laws and regulations that concern product liability cases had been rare not until the 1960's when revolutionary changes to the field transpired.
Let's examine four common insurance coverage pitfalls that can arise from product liability claims or suits.
Having been a commercial insurance broker for 40 years, I have seen many businesses saved from oblivion because they had the right insurance in place at the time of a catastrophic loss, such as a fire or a big product liability lawsuit.
In many ways, medical device companies have money and market share at stake when facing product liability claims.
According to a study conducted for GPbA, the proposed rule would drastically alter the existing legal landscape by eliminating preemption and exposing generic manufacturers to product liability lawsuits.
Part 1 then examines common types of product defects, defenses available in a product liability action, and the types of damages that a plaintiff may seek.
Tort liability for personal injuries and property damage caused by products is known as product liability. Among the most prominent products associated with product liability claims are pharmaceuticals, medical devices, private aircraft, automobiles, and cigarettes.
Under the proper circumstances, a favorable workers' compensation ruling can be the silver bullet that quickly brings to an end a plaintiff's product liability suit.

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