production drawings

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working drawings

Drawings, intended for use by a contractor, subcontractor, or fabricator, which form part of the contract documents for a building project; contain the necessary information to manufacture or erect an object or structure.
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1 drinkable counter with bottle cooler, 1 mobile drink counter with 2 basins and bottle cooler, 1 tableware and coffee machine with hand basin and basin, 1 drink dispenser with basin and bottle cooler, 1 back with handwash basin, assembly and installation plan, detail and production drawings, water And waste water connection work.
Based on the production drawings, our engineers draw up the bill of materials, which indicates the conversion cost (process time) and the material cost (type of steel blanks etc).
Section View Assist - Speed the creation of production drawings for faster and more consistent section views.
The start of the MRJ's production indicates that development of the aircraft's production drawings is progressing after detailed design review this summer.
CAE module (figure 2) provides the tools to engineer 3D parts and assemblies and generate production drawings.
Solid Edge is used to design the machinery and to create production drawings, lists of assemblies and exploded drawings.
Using a tutorial approach, this text helps students and practitioners in the construction and design fields get started using AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT to produce computerized production drawings and designs.
VeeCreate has been providing PrintDreams with engineering services in the form of concept design, production drawings, FEA (finite element analysis), validation and other engineering back office support in India and Stockholm.
SSI Canada) provides 3D product modeling and design software for the shipbuilding and offshore structure industry worldwide, utilizing fully integrated task-based modules that produce 3D design models, production drawings, production planning, and NC coding.
Loaded with features including behind the scenes footage and production drawings.
The excellent extras include interviews, behind the scenes footage, production drawings, stuff from composer Danny Elfman and a long look at what makes a good animator.
And the DVD is packed with special features including behind-the-scenes footage, production drawings and animation featurettes presenting the perfect gift for a loved one or essential self-purchase.
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