production phase

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construction phase—administration of the construction contract

The fifth and final phase of the architect’s basic services, which includes the architect’s general administration of the construction contract(s). Also see contract administration.
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Grantees in the development and post production phases will have the opportunity to participate in the second annual SANAD co-production meetings where they will have pitching and networking opportunities with key industry players.
Aerospatiale Matra Missiles was the prime contractor for the Industrialization and Production phase; Matra Bae Dynamics was the major UK subcontractor.
The project is projected to move into production phase in the first quarter of 2011.
Lockheed Martin said that missiles used in tests have been produced at Troy; therefore, the factory is fully equipped and staffed for this production phase. The JASSM is a 2,000-pound weapon with a multi-purpose penetrator warhead.
These solutions and the IFF equipment suite are serving as the baseline for the full development production phase, which will include interrogators, transponders, cryptographic equipment and platform installation.
Vaisala was awarded Phase III (Limited Production Phase) of the sensor acquisition project, the company said.
The transition phase would be the overlap time between the NSM's development phase and production phase, according to the company.
The Ormen Lange licence group includes operator Norsk Hydro ASA which holds an 18% stake and Royal Dutch/Shell, which has a 17% share in the field and will take over as operator in the production phase.

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