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Nevertheless, not three days previous, Bildad had told them that no profane songs would be allowed on board the Pequod, particularly in getting under weigh; and Charity, his sister, had placed a small choice copy of Watts in each seaman's berth.
And said most sage Cide Hamete to his pen, "Rest here, hung up by this brass wire, upon this shelf, O my pen, whether of skilful make or clumsy cut I know not; here shalt thou remain long ages hence, unless presumptuous or malignant story-tellers take thee down to profane thee.
On each side of the choir and behind the gratings opening into the convent was assembled the whole community of the Carmelites, who listened to the divine service, and mingled their chant with the chant of the priests, without seeing the profane, or being seen by them.
From another a shrill lamentation rang out filled with profane allusions to a general.
The more knowing ones of the tribe look on and laugh; thinking it all too foolish to do harm; but they will soon find that women, children, and fools, form a large majority of every community, and they will have, eventually, to follow the new light, or be considered among the profane. As soon as a preacher or pseudo prophet of the kind gets followers enough, he either takes command of the tribe, or branches off and sets up an independent chief and "medicine man."
The guesses came thick and furious from the polite to the profane, but, after consulting expert lip-readers, we can reveal Sturgeon - while refusing his helping hand - told her visitor "Okay, Boris, that way", before the pair went in together.
Until radio edits of songs were mandated in the music space to curb profanity, profane songs were and are still somehow enjoyed by many Ghanaians.
Writing in French, they cover pensee serielle au Moyen Age, de la tradition chretienne aux listes profanes; nouvelles organisations du savior profane durant la premiere modernite; and continuites: vices et vertus et l'ordre du monde, du Moyen Age aux Lumieres.
Free speech in the form of profane expressions can be destructive, in that they tend to have faster and stronger speed than complimentary expressions.
Exactly what profane words are they prohibiting?" Panelo asked.
They said such sacrilegious and profane attitude will not be tolerated at any cost.