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The goal with PROFESS is to provide customers with a cost effective navigation system which is both accurate and easy to use.
According to Stryker, the Profess System has the only surgical navigation software for intranasal procedures and endoscopic sinus surgery which utilises video tracking capabilities.
963) Effect of Professionalism (at Median Value of Margin of Previous Victory) Profess = .
Ongoing developments make it even more difficult for humanists to profess their beliefs or to work for the promotion of their life philosophy.
While they might not be able to abandon the prospect of letting their daughters profess, they could at least challenge these same daughters when later confronted with their legal claims.
Neither can force nor influence a person to go to or to remain away from church against his will or force him to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion.
Any who would profess to understand modern Islam and Baghdad must understand the city's heyday during the 8th and 9th centuries: and this is the place to do it.
President Bush makes no secret of his religious zeal, but like so many in this country who profess faith in Christ, his piety seems a little contrived.
The ACLU has previously maintained that since the Scouts profess a belief in God it should be considered a church.
Catholics have been saying the Nicene Creed at the Eucharist for over 1,000 years--in part to simply profess our faith together, and in part, Johnson says, to provide a rule of faith (how we should read our scripture and identify ourselves as Christians); to provide a definition of faith (marking the boundaries of Christian belief and community); and to provide a symbol of faith (a recognizable sign and an affirmation of the shared Christian story).
Both sides profess that they love children, but you really don't have the two sides doing very much to cooperate to reduce the number of neglected and unwanted and abandoned children, or to care for them.
We who profess to believe in a God of infinite mercy stand about and point our fingers in condemnation.