Professional liability insurance

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Professional liability insurance

Insurance designed to insure an architect, engineer, or any person or firm undertaking design responsibility, such as design-build contractor, against claims for damages resulting from alleged professional negligence.
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professional liability insurance

Insurance designed to insure an architect or engineer against claims for damages resulting from alleged professional negligence.
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That's where professional liability insurance comes into play.
Professional liability insurance is tailored around the types of services provided."
Contact Marsh's Affinity Group Services to enroll in the ANA Professional Liability Insurance Plan today.
Editor's Note: This case should not deter nurses from obtaining their own professional liability insurance.
The professional liability insurance segment has been a product gap for Hanover and the company later this year will begin selling policies for other occupations and professionals, Mr.
The general subject of professional liability insurance is covered in this chapter.
Member coverage benefits through the professional liability insurance policy offered through HPSO are summarized at the right.
CAMICO Professional Liability Insurance: For more information, call (800) 652-1772 or visit
Harbor Workers and Longshoreman's Compensation Act coverage, professional liability insurance, collision liability coverage, etc.
One way to provide a valuable service to members and generate nondues income at the same time is to offer professional liability insurance by teaming up with a provider.
Those who assume they do not need general and professional liability insurance leave themselves open to several liability exposures.
5941 note), to reimburse eligible employees for one-half the cost of professional liability insurance. Since the change in the law adding 38 U.S.C.

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