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The stool examination revealed small, white, seed-like structures which were identified as proglottids, measuring 7mm by 3mm and tapered at both ends.
5-3 m), with about 1,000 proglottids (segments) that mature, become gravid, detach from the tapeworm, and migrate to the anus or are passed in the stool.
solium eggs and proglottids are consistently diagnosed when present.
In a sample from case-patient 12, only proglottids stained with acetic acid-carmine were available for testing by both methods (Figure 1, panel A).
A confirmed case-patient was defined as a case in a guest who ate raw perch at the wedding and had characteristic eggs or proglottids in stool.
solium is a serious public health problem worldwide because eggs and proglottids expelled in the stool can infect humans through contamination of the environment and cause fatal neurocysticercosis.
Uterine morphology was evaluated in fresh preparations of proglottids.
22,23) The notes later mention the presence of tapeworm proglottids in the same urine sample.
Mature proglottids contained between 100 and 120 testes.
The eggs or gravid proglottids (segment of the tapeworm containing fertilized eggs) are excreted in the feces and consumed by the pig (intermediate host) to develop into larvae.
Patients may also report the passage of proglottids in the stool.
1) People can be infected by eating uncooked or poorly cooked cysticercosis pork or by digesting eggs created by the adult tapeworm directly or regurgitating gravid proglottids from the human gut to the stomach.