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Prognathic (Angle class 3) patients might have a disproportionately large mandible.
His skull was long and his face was narrow and prognathic rather than broad and flat.
The appearance of the prognathic patient often belies the patient's gentle nature by causing a semblance of belligerence and hostility not unlike that of an English bulldog or a German boxer.
Clinically, patients with characteristic angle class II division 2 malocclusion (CII/2) always have manifestations including a prognathic maxilla, retroclined maxillary central incisors with alveolar bone defect on the cervical root surface, a retrusive mandible, upright mandibular incisors, a deep overbite, and a deep curve of Spee.
A review of the literature on the prevalence of Class III malocclusion and the mandibular prognathic growth hypotheses.
Erdal Endreum et al in 2001 reported gastric choristoma of tongue with prognathic mandible and cleft palate.
The change from the almost classical prognathous cranium (20) of the first and second instars to a cranial orientation that is almost intermediate between prognathic and hypognathic conditions (subprognathic, 5) in the mature larva is notable.
The majority of members in both societies believed that organic deficiencies, whether "prognathic" profile or more precisely measured cranial index, entailed cultural deficiencies.
He stated that retrognathic persons are likely to exhibit greater lower facial heights where as prognathic persons are more likely to exhibit greater lower facial face heights.
Clinical findings associated with osteochondroma of the condyle are primarily a palpable, painless temporomandibular area mass with lower facial asymmetry and prognathic deviation.
He concluded that the prognathic maxillary arch compensated by lingual tilting of the maxillary molars for better interdigitation and buccal overjet thus reducing the intermolar width.