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Prognostication (Prognosis)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Astrological prognostication refers to astrological prediction, although prognosis is more accurate for what astrologers actually do. If the future were rigidly fated, then, no matter what anyone did, only one future would be possible. Given this assumption, one should be able to predict the future. The term prognostication, however, does not imply a rigidly fated future. Instead, the term seems to suggest that human willpower can, within certain limits, change the future. Like a weather reporter, an astrologer can only predict upcoming conditions. Whether or not one chooses to go for a picnic on a day a meteorologist predicts rain—or on a day an astrologer advises staying at home—is a matter of personal will.



(also prognostics), in a broad sense, the theory and practice of forecasting; in a narrow sense, the science of the rules and methods for elaborating a forecast.

These definitions have been associated with the term “prognostication” since the mid-1960’s, when the first scientific reports appeared on the theoretical problems in the specific forecasting of social phenomena.

The foundation for the general methodology of prognostication was laid by K. Marx, F. Engels, and V. I. Lenin. Prognostic research developed in the natural sciences (initially in agrohydrometeorology). In the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th, prognostic research was introduced in the social sciences (particularly economics), resulting in the development of prognostication as a special scientific discipline. The development of prognostication as the theory of forecasting has been interconnected with the development of theories of scientific prediction, goal setting, planning, programming, projecting, and management.

The main task of prognostication is the elaboration of a specific methodology of forecasting, in order to improve the effectiveness of the methods and techniques of working out forecasts. Among the problems studied by prognostication are the distinctive traits of forecasting as a specialized form of scientific research, the principles underlying the structure and optimum combination of various methods of forecasting, the methods of evaluating the reliability of forecasts, and the principles for using the results of probability theory, game theory, operations research, and decision-making theory in elaborating forecasts.

There are two branches of prognostication—general (theoretical) and specific (applied). The applied branches are components of both general prognostication and particular scientific disciplines (medical, biological, economic, and demographic forecasting, for example). Especially in the social sciences and in social forecasting, the applied branches of prognostication form intricately interrelated systems.

The discipline of prognostication, which is still developing, has played an important role in perfecting the methods of forecasting. However, many of the problems in prognostication have been insufficiently elaborated.


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A major and welcome recent development in interstitial lung disease is the greatly improved ability to prognosticate long-term outcomes in affected patients, Dr.
Understanding of sulphur capture at fluidized-bed combustion can give an opportunity to prognosticate sulphur capture performance.
We hypothesize, prognosticate, and proclaim today in order that, by incessant probing and debate, tomorrow might be better than today.
Theology becomes a branch of physics or even, as he says toward the end of the book, a part of astronomy, for in the end it will not be just the theories of physics that will prognosticate the future of humanity, but the findings of astronomy that will be needed to confirm it.
Republican Texans prognosticate a near-unanimous vote of support from the delegation.
However, EffectiveSoft considers that the tablet has still much more to show in terms of software as well, and the company's analysts prognosticate that the tablet is going to disclose more of its facilities.
He added that this independent body will prognosticate and evaluate the risks faced by the banking sector, and to carry out stress tests of the Kuwaiti banks to gauge their ability to resist shocks, and operate under harsh and pressing working conditions.
But as her nephew, I was in a poor position to prognosticate, and her doctors had only an EGG and a few labs.
But they, too, found "no evidence that depressive symptoms independently prognosticate worse outcomes in HIV infection.
With polls opening in less than 24 hours, it's a time - amid the last-minute scrambling and Comedy Central-branded rallying - to reflect, look forward and prognosticate.