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Introducing additional network virtualization offloads, enhanced programmability and extreme scale, ConnectX-6 Dx and BlueField-2 enable highly efficient hyperscale cloud and SDN/NFV data centers, with a smooth transition from previous ConnectX and BlueField generations
Open programmability: Allows for the rapid integration, agility and flexibility necessary for enterprise end users looking to swiftly adapt to market changes.
Cloud-based services and applications are enablers for programmability. Service provisioning in the cloud and managed access to the provisioned services and applications are important.
Moreover, more than half (55 percent) of respondents ranked investment protection with data-plane programmability as the No.
Ciena's 8180 and 6500 RLS platforms help tackle network complexity by combining massive bandwidth scalability and aggregation with integrated intelligence and programmability to improve the end-user experience.
Alliance Sensor Group offers linear position sensors such as the MR-7 port mountable and ME-7 embedded as magnetostrictive sensor replacements for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders as well as the LV series LVDT replacement sensors, all having the SenSet[TM] Field Programmability feature.
This reduces operational costs, eliminates network complexity and drives greater competitive advantage through a level of service programmability previously unachievable.
This architecture helps decouple the network control and forwarding functions,making way foreasy programmability of the entire network control.
The A1332, with an onboard 32-bit processor and EEPROM for factory and customer programmability, includes segmented and Fourier linearisation functions for supporting challenging off-axis/side-shaft magnetic sensing configurations that are commonly found in electronic power steering and transmission applications.
"Network operators like Integra rely on advanced networking solutions and software programmability to quickly adapt their networks to changing user and business demands.
OVS runs as a process within PicOS, providing the OpenFlow interface for external programmability.

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