programme chart

project chart

A schedule indicating when various aspects of a construction job are to be carried out.
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I hope that as the scholars involved in the Oxford Diasporas Programme chart their future research agendas, they will consider the questions that nobody is asking: Why do we expect immigrants to send remittances home instead of investing in their own or their children's lives in the adopted homeland?
The programmes are filmed only a week before transmission, the aim being to make each programme chart topical and up-to-the-minute.
The programme charts George's storming of the Eighties pop scene as half of Wham
This programme charts the highs and devastating lows of the brother-sister duo's remarkable time in the limelight, and makes use of a new ITV poll revealing which Carpenters' song has been voted the UK's favourite.
The programme charts the painstaking efforts by a team from the University of the Witwatersrand to extract more than 1,500 fossils from the caverns and explores how this discovery has expanded scientific understanding of how the human race evolved from previous, apelike creatures.
Filmed over the course of a year, the programme charts the clan's "land grabs".
This programme charts activities at Sunderland Royal Hospital's obesity unit, where those who can't control their weight come as a last resort to go under the knife in a bid to save their lives.
The latest programme charts the 100 years from the accession of Henry VIII to the first performance of Shakespeare's Henry VIII.
This programme charts the painter's work on Bigger Trees Near Warter - his largest ever composition and an affectionate examination of the landscape of his native Yorkshire.
THE cornerstone of a weekend of programming celebrating blues music, this programme charts the story of the British love affair with the blues.
Produced and directed by Michael Sheridan with camerawork by Paul Holohan the programme charts the progress of a group of motorcyclists as they set off from Joe Duffy's BMW dealership in Dublin and circumnavigate Ireland in just one weekend in aid of Our Lady's Hospital for sick children in Crumlin.
The programme charts the alarming extent of violence suffered by Irish women at the hands of their partners.
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