progressive scan

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progressive scan

Illuminating a screen by displaying lines sequentially from top to bottom. Also called "non-interlaced," all modern computer monitors and digital TVs support progressive scan. For example, the "p" in 720p means that it displays 720 lines, one after the other, for each video frame. The highest progressive format in common use is 1080p.

Contrast with "interlace" or "interlaced," which illuminates every odd line first and then goes back and fills in the even lines. Given the same frame rate, progressive scan displays twice as many lines on screen in the same time. See interlace, frame rate, progressive scan DVD, progressive scan TV, HDTV, deinterlace and DTV.

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The implementation of a progressive scan really prevents the exact same thing from happening.
The new RCA DVD lineup, with features such as Digital Photoview, DCDi progressive scan technology, and exclusive mp3PRO audio decoding, delivers convenience and performance advantages," he added.
3x optical zoom, 8x digital zoom, a progressive scan feature, and a removable shooting stage which includes magnetic strips to securely hold papers.
Home Theater System with Progressive Scan DVD player, $999.
The unit's lens shift and progressive scan capabilities allow users to adjust the projected image vertically on the screen, and provides additional lines of resolution and higher definition to produce a crisp, clear display.
The CP-S420 offers 2,700 ANSI lumens, a 400:1 contrast ratio for colorful image quality, an operating noise level of 36 dB, Motion Adoptive Progressive Scan for reduced fuzziness in fast-moving objects, and Digital Gamma correction to alter darkness and light levels.
Both feature that clever "Time Shift" function, progressive scan and instant editing facilities.

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