progressive scan

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progressive scan

Illuminating a screen by displaying lines sequentially from top to bottom. Also called "non-interlaced," all modern computer monitors and digital TVs support progressive scan. For example, the "p" in 720p means that it displays 720 lines, one after the other, for each video frame. The highest progressive format in common use is 1080p.

Contrast with "interlace" or "interlaced," which illuminates every odd line first and then goes back and fills in the even lines. Given the same frame rate, progressive scan displays twice as many lines on screen in the same time. See interlace, frame rate, progressive scan DVD, progressive scan TV, HDTV, deinterlace and DTV.

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When connected to a digital television set, a progressive scan DVD player delivers a higher quality image than a standard DVD player.
Progressive scan technology provides a superior level of performance in how it displays images -- similar to the quality of images displayed by high resolution televisions in the consumer industry.
CIRCUIT CITY: Magnavox progressive scan DVD/CD player, model MDV45317, $59.
Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market, announced today the AXIS 225FD Fixed Dome Network Camera, a high performance camera offering progressive scan, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and an integrated heater.
Best Buy: Panasonic progressive scan DVD home theater system, model SC-HT900, $499.
Pioneer's PureCinema(TM) progressive scan circuit faithfully reproduces the original film frames using 2:3 pull-down inverse telecine technology with a progressive display.
Features of the IC include color management that lets users identify specific color for adjustment, a 2-3 pull down option that minimizes motion artifacts on DVDs that were transferred from film, auto picture control, intelligent image sharpness, and the ability to convert all interlaced signals, including 1080i HDTV, to progressive scan.
Both feature MP3 decoding -- as do all of Zenith's DVD players -- and DVD-Audio capability, as well as component, progressive scan and S-video outputs.
Astar also offers a variety of slim line, multi-format progressive scan DVD players and recorders, a line of portable DVD players and Home Theater Systems.
com/cgi-bin/prnh/20020628/PIONLOGO ) -- Progressive Scan or Not?
The camera has three shooting modes: normal movie mode creates full motion video for playback on television; digital photo mode captures digital photos to videotape and includes audio, or still photos; and progressive scan mode records still frames continuously at 30 frames per second.

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