progressive scan

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progressive scan

Illuminating a screen by displaying lines sequentially from top to bottom. Also called "non-interlaced," all modern monitors and TVs support progressive scan. For example, the "p" in 1080p means that for each video frame 1,080 lines are displayed one after the other. The highest progressive format in common use is 2160p, which is 4K (see 4K TV).

The only reason progressive ever became a feature is because earlier analog TVs only illuminated half the lines at a time (see below). See interlace, frame rate, progressive scan DVD, progressive scan TV, HDTV, deinterlace and DTV.

Progressive vs. Interlaced
Progressive formats (720p, 1080p, 2160p) display 60 full frames per second. In that same second, earlier analog TVs transmitted and displayed 60 half frames (60 fields). For more details, see interlace.
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The "p" in 60p stands for progressive scan. These 60p TVs differ from 1920 x 1080/30p TVs that show only 30 frames per second and 1920 x 1080/60i or interlaced TVs that only refresh half the lines of resolution at a time.
It offers SXGA (1280 x 1024) native resolution and supports HDTV output with progressive scan (720p).
There are several popular methods used to accomplish this task, including ones for "deinterlacing" the images into progressive scan, interpolating image pixels to increase the spatial resolution, and predictive motion algorithms for frequency up-converting the 30 fps to as high as 60 fps.
With a progressive scan CCD camera, ProVision has high-accuracy optics with a 6 mm X 4.5 mm field of view, 45X virtual magnification and 0.9 [micro]m resolution.
The brand new DF4501P from DAEWOO with 'I-Link' now means you can not only digitally record your favourite TV programmes and ageing VCR collection onto DVD, you can also do the same with your camcorder recordings and as this superb equipment also features '3D noise reduction' and 'progressive scan', the results are absolutely amazing, producing DVD's of virtually professional quality!
It also features progressive scan for higher-quality pictures and a karaoke output for those who want to get more from their DVD player.
*JPEG_(not progressive scan) Baseline and EXIF 2.2 formats only
On the cover of its weekly circular, meanwhile, the Kmart chain promoted a progressive scan DVD player, priced at $34.99, as a last-minute gift idea.
It also comes with a Progressive Scan feature which means that I providing your TV is compatible I you get a vastly improved sharpness of picture.
Best Buy: Yamaha Progressive Scan DVD Player, $149.99
The AXIS 207 comes with a high-quality progressive scan CMOS image sensor to provide excellent images in lighting conditions as low as one lux.
The JAI CV-MTI is a compact 1/2", progressive scan RGB colour machine vision camera using the CameraLink[TM] interface, and is an indirect replacement for the popular CV-M70.

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