project site

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1. An area or plot of ground with defined limits on which a building, project, park, etc., is located or proposed to be located.
2. The specific location of a building or buildings.
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NPA guerrillas operating in Bicol had kept mum on the supposed attack on the airport project site.
s problems in taking possession of the project site for the Modernization of the Philippine Orthopedic Center.
Zishen Wu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Yongye, said, 'We are pleased to receive this permit which will allow us to apply for and obtain final approval for production development of this project site after we complete standard exploration work with professional third parties.
A 167-tonne shell kiln was successfully moved to the Gulf Industrial Investment Company project site as part of the operations.
With preparation for its Victor Project site well underway, De Beers is also making extensive use of the winter road, with 2,000 loads of equipment and supplies and 500 loads of fuel expected for the 2007 season.
Undaunted by a rainy morning, volunteers turned out in full force, hiking more than a mile to the project site on the side of Spruce Knob next to Monongahela National Forest.
The total project site is approximately five acres with the footprint of the restaurant comprising 33,600 s/f.
Although the project site is about 30 miles west of AVC's Lancaster campus, it is within the college district's boundaries.
A hazardous-materials handler from Atlanta has been awarded the contract to process treatment wastewater at the Department of Energy's West Valley Demonstration Project Site.
This will compliment the Funds already raised through Equity, Investment Capital and Bridge Loan that will be applied towards execution of Project Site Construction Work Plan and full Project Implementation and Start-up within the overall Project Scope.
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Vehicles For Eil- Bs Vi Auto Fuels Project Site, Cpcl Refinery, Manali, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Police reports said he was leaving the project site on board his gray Mitsubishi Strada pick up (UXO 602) when he hit an IED planted on the ground which immediately exploded.