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These options offer flexibility in the type of surface used for a smart display, and can even be designed for dual use, such as surface projection and ultra-short throw projection in a single device.
The one detail that rises above the rest are the company's financial projections. An investor is interested in your past, sure, but they're buying your company for the future.
Idealistic projections begin when the call to self-actualize becomes stronger and deeper, usually starting right before or during midlife.
The entire production has been enhanced with updated technology, including an 8K LED wall and digital projections that will extend to the theater's proscenium arches
Speaking about the new technology and the potential it holds, Hassan Nawaz Tarar, Group Head Security and Marketing MCB Bank said, "3D Projection Mapping is a fusion of technology, art and architecture and holds immense potential to create instant word of mouth and strong brand recall.
The 2017 draft-budget has been developed based on economic growth projections of 3%.
As the table shows, the coefficients in the policy reaction function are somewhat sensitive to whether the regression is based on the median, minimum, or maximum funds rate projections. For example, the coefficients on core and headline inflation are somewhat higher for the hawkish projection relative to the baseline or dovish projections.
The naive projection errors also play another role: they can be viewed as a measure of the degree of difficulty in producing accurate projections in each state.
The aim of the study reported here was to quantify the relationship between projection velocity and projection angle in a rugby place kick and to see whether this relationship could account for the projection angle that is used (about 30[degrees]).
55 percent of the multi-year general fund projection models covered five to six years (including the upcoming budget year).
workers see retirement income projections as somewhat or very helpful.
All population projections are subject to a degree of inaccuracy from a combination of imperfect understanding about recent and future fertility, mortality, and migration behaviors in tandem with imperfect data for generating projection assumptions [9].