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Chief Inspector Dave Lamplough, who is heading the campaign, said: "Christmas makes it easier for shoplifters to commit crimes, so just as we did last year, we are sending Christmas cards to the most prolific offenders as a warning to try to deter them from crime this Christmas.
What you have is somebody who at his most prolific lost no opportunity to identify vulnerable victims and abuse them.
367 people are listed as prolific offenders 97times one man has been arrested 222 offences.
The scheme aims to ensure prolific offenders are actively targeted and managed.
My prediction is (the number of offences by prolific offenders) will go up.
Communities all over Spain are struggling with higher energy cost -- installing Lighting Science Group's PROLIFIC street lights was a perfect solution to ease that problem," said Mr.
Prolific offenders can be tempted to seize on this opportunity, so these Christmas cards are a reminder to them that we are here to support them in their efforts to move away from crime, whether that is by helping them find housing or getting help with a drug addiction.
That same Deauville feature is the likely target for Gallagher, who failed to get past Prolific despite having plenty of time to do so.
Bev Familton has been appointed the first full-time manager of the Prolific and Priority Offenders (PPO) scheme in Gateshead.
The findings feature in a 12-month study of the Prolific and other Priority Offenders (PPO) scheme.
A prolific author, Dunham wrote several books, including Katherine Dunham's Journey to Accompong (Henry Holt, 1946) and A Touch of Innocence: Memoirs of Childhood (University of Chicago Press, 1959; reprinted in 1994); and she presented dance demonstrations, as well as lectures, at numerous universities.
Nuneaton police, in partnership with other agencies, today launched Operation Chester, aimed at curbing the criminal activities of the area's most prolific offenders.