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A volume of luminous, predominantly hydrogen gas that appears on the sun above the chromosphere; occurs only in the region of horizontal magnetic fields because these fields support the prominences against solar gravity.



a luminous formation of incandescent gases visible at the edge of the solar disk. When viewed against the background of the solar disk, prominences appear as dark filaments.

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The Mt Woods tenements owned by OZL shown in Figure 1 (see link at the bottom of the release) are highly prospective for Iron Oxide Copper Gold and Uranium (IOCG) similar to the adjacent Prominent Hill and Olympic Dam mines.
Finally, critical programs on NTV, the last truly liberal Russian station, were shut down in 2004, and prominent, and critical, NTV journalist Leonid Parfenov was fired after he interviewed the wife of a Chechen leader and questioned whether the Russian security services had murdered her husband.
Most of Chicago's prominent, well-funded mainstream theater spaces are located on the North Side.
Clamanges never rose to become a prominent ecclesiastical statesman such as Gerson or Pierre d'Ailly, the other eminent conciliarist at the Council of Constance.
Shaheen's predecessor in the Agreements & International Affairs Division Mishref had been brought to that post in September 1991 to succeed Salah Hafez, another prominent geologist who was EGPC deputy chairman for several years and who in September 1991 became vice chairman of the Environmental Affairs Agency with a ministerial rank.
The Spectra range of progressive cavity pumps from ProMinent Fluid Controls provide accurate dosing of polymer solutions.
The amendments require ATM operators that impose a fee for providing electronic fund transfer services to post a notice in a prominent and conspicuous location on or at the ATM.
The world's most prominent insurers at the turn of the 20th century had established such a foothold that 100 years later they are still among the most renowned.
The EGPC Vice Chairman for Exploration and Discoveries is a prominent engineer and geologist.
He accompanied Ahmad to Amman to meet a prominent relative who had just retired from an important position in the public service.
While many professionals are familiar with some of the prominent Massachusetts investment names--Matrix, Bain, Charles River, Thomas H.
The Governor pointed out that the Bohra Community's role in the business activities in the metropolis has been very prominent as well.