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For any company processing food with linear tunnels or spiral freezers, coolers, dryers, proofers or steamers, one of the most radical innovations in sanitary design has been the "High Hygiene" coil (or heat exchanger).
The Perfect Proofer Evolution Series assures that inks coming out of the ink lab are ready for press, matching the desired target within a specific Delta E tolerance range.
SEI's Graffiti Proofer Anti-Stick is extremely versatile, and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces," said Dan Rosenblat, COO of SEI.
The development project made it possible to further leverage advantages of the GYRoCOMPACT spiral proofer, which is regarded as the market standard setter due to its tight temperature and humidity control features.
Its ultra-compact design and continuously smooth transport path make the Serpentine proofer an ideal choice for bakers seeking to update manual proofing processes.
The new GPA-300 Graffiti Proofer exceeds the performance requirements for ASTM 6578 Graffiti Resistance Test.
According to the company, the Phantom Proofer provides precision ink delivery through a laser engraved ceramic anilox roll.
There is also an MPI network linked to a 10 inch HMI near the proofer and a 6 inch HMI at the cooling tunnel, allowing the operator to view and control the doughnut manufacturing process from either end of the production line.
HarperScientific has launched the Phantom precision hand proofer, which employs ceramic, laser-engraved anilox rolls so its cells can duplicate the exact line screen and volume as the rolls on the user's press.
Heinen's spiral proofer, spiral cooler and spiral freezer will take center stage.
For imposition proofing DuPont offers Dylux(R) instant image proofing papers, and Dylux(TM) ink jet media for the GATF InterTech award-winning Gerber IMPRESS(TM) two-sided, digital imposition proofer.
After being scaled by Sandy Alexander employees, the images are then automatically sent to the proofer where a proof is generated for client approval.