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Rugby either of the forwards at either end of the front row of a scrum
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(in Russian, podpora), a slender pole, 3 to 6 m long, having tines or splits at the upper end and made of hardwood (oak, beech, hornbean, ash). Props are placed under the branches of fruit trees at harvest time to prevent the branches from breaking and bending and to prevent the shedding of fruits during winds. The vertical installment of props and the umbrella-like attachment of branches to props are common.

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(mining engineering)
Underground supporting post set across the lode, seam, bed, or other opening.
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A strong, stiff, vertical structural member or column, usually of wood, stone, or metal, capable of supporting a framing member of the structure above it and/or providing a firm point of lateral attachment. Posts may divide the structural framework of a building into bays. The term post may be preceded by an adjective indicating its location (such as a corner post) or by an adjective indicating its shape (such as a musket-stock post). For definitions and illustrations of specific types of posts, See angle post, chimney post, corner post, crown post, doorpost, flared post, gabled post, gate post, gun-stock post, hanging post, jack post, jamb post, king post, musket-stock post, prick post, principal post,shouldered post, splayed post, sure post, teagle post, wall post.
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