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CH3CH2CH3, colorless, gaseous alkanealkane
, any of a group of aliphatic hydrocarbons whose molecules contain only single bonds (see chemical bond). Alkanes have the general chemical formula CnH2n+2.
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. It is readily liquefied by compression and cooling. It melts at −189.9°C; and boils at −42.2°C;. Propane occurs in nature in natural gas and (in dissolved form) in crude oil; it is also a byproduct of petroleum refining. It is used chiefly as a fuel. For this purpose it is sold compressed in cylinders of various sizes, often mixed with other hydrocarbons, e.g., butane. Propane fuel is used in a type of cigarette lighter and in portable stoves and lamps.



CH3CH2CH3, a saturated hydrocarbon that exists as a colorless, odorless combustible gas with a melting point of –187.7°C and a boiling point of –42.1°C. Its flammability limits when mixed with air are 2.1–9.5 percent (by volume). Propane is found in natural gas, casinghead gas, gases obtained from CO and H2, and the gases produced during petroleum refining. In industry, the catalytic dehydrogenation of propane yields propylene, and propane nitration produces nitromethane (mixed with nitroethane and nitropropane). Propane is also used as a solvent in, for example, removing alkanes from petroleum products. When mixed with butane, it can be used as an illuminating or household gas.


(organic chemistry)
CH3CH2CH3 A heavy, colorless, gaseous petroleum hydrocarbon gas of the paraffin series; boils at -44.5°C; used as a solvent, refrigerant, and chemical intermediate.


a colourless flammable gaseous alkane found in petroleum and used as a fuel. Formula: CH3CH2CH3
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