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Attributes that are associated with something. Windows uses the term extensively to refer to the current settings of hardware, software and data. In Windows, right clicking an icon brings up a Properties option that provides details about the file or device.

Get Info in the Mac
In the Mac, the Get Info menu option delivers equivalent details. Since it is an Apple function, Get Info appears in the Windows version of iTunes. Right clicking a name in the iTunes Library brings up the Get Info option. See Win Properties.
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fake, specially created objects (sculpture, furniture, tableware, decorations, weapons, and such) used in theatrical productions instead of real things. Properties should be cheap and sturdy and have an exaggerated, simplified outward form. (The reproduction of details not visible to the audience is usually omitted in the production of properties.) The theatrical workman who creates properties is called a property man.

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properties, props

Objects on the stage of a theater related to a performance, including furniture and decorative elements.
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The combined value of residential properties per pupil was six times higher than the figure for districts with the highest tax rates.
The properties, which are over-assessed are currently protected from large tax hikes by five percent capping rules.
2000-37 provides that the EAT may be the taxpayer's agent, under general principles, in holding legal title to the relinquished or replacement properties, provided the EAT is not a "disqualified person" within the meaning of Treas.
Depending on the number of properties owned and the limits you choose, premiums will come to $250.
Carbon phases are schematically depicted in such a way as to emphazie their influence on properties.
The properties of EPDM are comparatively close to those of Q.
Generally, a taxpayer must identify either three properties (regardless of fair market values (FMVs)), or any number of properties if the aggregate FMV at the end of the identification period does not exceed 200% of the aggregate FMV of all relinquished properties.
[section] 1.1031(a)-2(c)(1) provides that an exchange of intangible personal property qualifies for non-recognition under section 1031 only if the exchanged intangible properties are of a like kind.
Properties could even be linked to new types of "derivative" instruments - Martian deuterium futures, say, or lunar Real Estate Investment Trusts - tailored to various investor needs.
Since this approach utilizes the sales of reasonably similar properties, it is most effective when relevant and reliable comparable sales market data is available.
Other states provide a statutory preferential assessment percentage for qualifying historic properties. For example, Alabama provides a 10-percent assessment ratio for historic properties compared with South Carolina's 60-percent assessment rate for commercial properties.
In addition, the AT may have to depreciate certain parked properties even if it acquired and transferred the properties in the same tax year.