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Attributes that are associated with something. Windows uses the term extensively to refer to the current settings of hardware, software and data. In Windows, right clicking an icon brings up a Properties option that provides details about the file or device.

Get Info in the Mac
In the Mac, the Get Info menu option delivers equivalent details. Since it is an Apple function, Get Info appears in the Windows version of iTunes. Right clicking a name in the iTunes Library brings up the Get Info option. See Win Properties.



fake, specially created objects (sculpture, furniture, tableware, decorations, weapons, and such) used in theatrical productions instead of real things. Properties should be cheap and sturdy and have an exaggerated, simplified outward form. (The reproduction of details not visible to the audience is usually omitted in the production of properties.) The theatrical workman who creates properties is called a property man.

properties, props

Objects on the stage of a theater related to a performance, including furniture and decorative elements.
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Just 13 percent of the 647 school districts analyzed were "farming districts," meaning farm properties accounted for more than half of the district's property wealth.
Heale says the major problem in MPAC staff at head office in Pickering "drastically over-inflate" values on commercial properties, and he has yet to see any studies from MPAC in any cases he has examined that pinpoint the value of a property.
Low temperature type ACM grades whose monomer compositions are adjusted to improve their low temperature properties are commercialized[14], however, their heat resistance and/or oil resistance are sacrificed.
Brookfield Properties is adopting Trizec's operating platforms in Washington, D.
Common pitfall: For purposes of the 200% rule, the FMV of the designated replacement properties is determined at the end of the identification period.
The IRS and the courts have also held that even small differences between similar properties may be relevant in determining whether two properties are of like kind, particularly in the area of personal property.
For income-producing properties, the income capitalization approach tends to be a more thorough and accurate determination of market value and, in fact, well-suited for capturing changes in revenues and expenses resulting from a facade preservation easement donation.
Trizec Properties and Trizec Canada have applied to delist their shares from the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange respectively.
JPI is a recognized market leader in the development and management of multifamily assets and we are confident that this alliance will add value to our properties through increased efficiencies, shared best practices and reduced costs.
The 200% rule states that an investor can identify any number of properties as long as the aggregate value of what is identified does not exceed 200% of the value of the relinquished property.
As such, they should hold their investment properties in entities separate from property that could be potentially subject to ordinary income treatment.
Keystone claimed deductions equal to the fair market value of the terminals and real property and reported the difference between this amount and its cost to acquire the properties as capital gain.