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the simplest type of functional relation. Quantities may be directly or inversely proportional.

Two variable quantities are said to be directly proportional, or proportional, if their ratio is constant—that is, if the multiplication or division of one of the quantities by some number means that the other is multiplied or divided by the same number. If the quantities x and y are directly proportional, this is described analytically by the equation y = kx, where k is called the proportionality factor, or proportionality constant. The relation between x and y is represented graphically by the line or half line passing through the origin whose slope is equal to the proportionality factor.

Two variable quantities x and y are said to be inversely proportional if one of them is proportional to the inverse of the other—that is,

or xy = k. An equilateral hyperbola (or one of its branches) is the graph of such a functional relation.

Proportional relations are encountered very often. For example, the distance S traveled by a body in uniform motion is proportional to the time t: S = kt, where k is the speed of the body. The weight P of a homogeneous body is proportional to the body’s volume v: P = kv, where k is the body’s specific weight. The time required for a given quantity of soil to be excavated is inversely proportional to the amount excavated per man-hour.

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1,500 meters of insulation with vapor diffusion-proof twilight (proportionate with metal jacket).
- FFO fixed charge coverage sustained above 1.5x, based on proportionate consolidation
"We committed in the Litter Strategy for England to publish improved guidance to promote proportionate and responsible enforcement.
Thus, there was a great variability of accounting practices among companies, with the equity method predominating in countries of Anglo-Saxon origin and proportionate consolidation in Continental European countries (Santos, 2011).
The EU trusts that any actions taken under the State of Emergency will be proportionate and respect constitutional rights and freedoms.'
New Delhi [India], Dec 16 ( ANI ): The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Saturday attached immovable properties worth Rs 244.89 crore of Balasore Alloys Ltd in lieu of the proportionate share of Pramod Kumar Mittal and Global Steel Holding Ltd (GSHL) in the company, in connection with a case of defrauding the State Trading Corporation (STC).
11 names to contest for representations in 11 wards and 10 on proportionate representation and to finally elect a council of 18 including Chairman and Vice Chairman and the Council would include 11 elected members and seven selected under proportionate representation.
The key is making sure the requirements are reasonable and proportionate.
Likewise, he said during the first quarter of the current fiscal year, the CDNC collected Rs 82 billion against the proportionate target of Rs 66 billion.
ISLAMABAD -- Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) collected Rs 201 billion against the proportionate target of Rs 253 billion by May 5, during the current fiscal year (2015-16), a CDNS official said on Thursday.
Pursuant to the subscription agreement, Zijin is entitled to maintain its proportionate ownership interest in Pretivm by participating pro rata in issuances of its common shares.
This would appear to indicate that, while the Government's proposals make the council tax more proportionate than the present system, they fall short of making the council tax a proportionate tax.