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The millions Proposition 99's backers are spending to dupe us is an investment in voter ignorance and gullibility.
How did Company C's value proposition differ from the other companies to allow it to win the project?
Proposition 40, on divorced and remarried Catholics, confirms the Church's traditional teaching that those who are divorced and illicitly remarried "cannot be admitted to Holy Communion," but emphasizes that they remain a part of the Church community and should be welcomed and encouraged to participate in the liturgy short of receiving Communion.
Those companies that have developed a unique value proposition for purchasers still face the challenge of making their target customers aware of that value.
Which brings us back to the March 2000 elections and Proposition 22.
And then: "Even if this proposition is not considered as a work of art, and even if one remains sceptical in relation to what it implies, it is necessary to do it.
In August, President Clinton, who vetoed the 1995 reform act that ultimately was passed by congressional override, publicly opposed the California proposition.
A district court ruled in January, 2006 that the city must implement both Proposition 1 and Proposition 2, despite a city attorney opinion that only Proposition 1 is legally binding since it received the larger number of votes in the 2004 election.
It's unlikely that most busy citizens who punched ``yes'' had closely explored Proposition 83's paradoxes and knots.
Your value proposition has to be distinctive, relative to your competitors, and it has to be relevant to your target market.
Proposition 226 would greatly restrict the right of employee groups to participate in the political process and would further shift power away from the ordinary working people toward special interests and even foreign interests.
The city has placed a proposed charter amendment on the November 7, 2006 ballot (Proposition G) which would exclude enterprise fund revenues from the charter revenue limitations; voter approval of Proposition G could result in a more stable credit profile.