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5 above we show both this pattern and the contrasting pattern found among the Kariyarra, in which terms for children are the same irrespective of which parent is the propositus. At first blush the Kariyarra pattern is like that in English and many other languages with a term for 'son' and one for 'daughter' (although see below for differences).
A few researchers have examined the patterns of decision making, focusing on the individual with a genetic condition (propositus).
A low cobalamin concentration had been noted several years earlier in the 57-year-old propositus, for which she received intermittent cobalamin injections.
The only sibling/sister of the propositus was also affected by pulmonary dysfunction and was also genotyped as PIMZ with a ZZ phenotype.
We previously reported a family in which serum aminopeptidase N (CD13; EC activity of the propositus, the father, and the paternal grandmother of the propositus was 30 times higher than that of healthy individuals (autosomal dominant).
In the propositus, lipase had undergone conformational change, explaining the altered [E.sub.a].
Hemoglobinopathy nomenclature is an assortment of letters (i.e., Hb S, C, and D), place names denoting the site of first discovery or residence of the propositus (e.g., Hb Edmonton), and family names of the index case (e.g., Hb Lepore).
Samples collected in Vacutainer Tubes with EDTA as anticoagulant were obtained from the propositus and her daughter.