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11), and later achieved in "Der Wegweiser," as the protagonist decides to pursue a path from which no one returns.
According to Ken Norris, "Claude Glass," the first section of Secular Love, "introduces us to the protagonist (the author) and to his dilemma" (1994, 46).
But wait, there's more: the protagonist harbors the ability to fib his way into just about any profession.
Set in the late 1980s, 'Naya Pata' follows Ram Swarath Dubey, the protagonist, and his struggle to re-establish his lost identity after losing his job due to the shutting down of the sugar industry in Bihar.
She gives our protagonist an escape from his crumbling world at home.
Only at the end of his life, when he has lost his fortune, does the protagonist experience meaningful transcendence.
In a pivotal early scene, the protagonist and the riverboat captain who ferries him and his silver out of the city of B speak in the halting phrases of the morally conflicted as they try to decide whether to leave behind the narrator's cohorts and save themselves.
The protagonist of Glasovi u vetru moves from Karanovo to Belgrade and then to Germany and North America.
After a short-lived and disastrous relationship with Andrew, who is white, the protagonist sublets an apartment that she learns about from an older colleague named Greta Hicks, who befriends her.
Dida has become the protagonist of the episode while the protagonist is another.
Seventh Generation, the nation's leading seller of nontoxic cleaning products, has just created its own blog, The Inspired Protagonist.
However, the title might also be understood as an allusion to the unnamed protagonist who attests to poisoning his lover and consuming her body in the novel's cannibalistic climax.