protected premise


Said of premises that are provided with a fire-detection system and/or fire-extinguishing system.
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"With the digital revolution and networks rapidly migrating outside of the protected premise, our new category 6A shielded OSP cable ensures support for these latest applications in harsher outdoor environments."
It also requires that the protected premise and central station each have a satellite dish.
When the system was designed and installed, it was configured to operate within the particular set of circumstances present in each protected premise. When those circumstances change, the effectiveness of the system may be diminished or completely negated.
In a typical installation, the CATS is connected between the existing host alarm system and the incoming wired phone line connector block at the protected premise. If the wired line is operative, alarms go out over it in the normal manner.
Despite strong reaction by some segments who contended that the order was a clear-cut violation because the Governor House was a protected premises, the demolition work started the very next day (Sunday).
A provincial law officer told the court that the boundary wall of the Governor's House did not fall within the definition of the protected premises.
-- upon which civilians will be expected to head for protected premises, either in fortified rooms in their homes or in public shelters.
He shall submit monthly reports to the Advisory Committee which shall make such further recommendations to the Director General, Archaeology as may be required to ensure that the Project as a whole is meeting all technical requirements meant to preserve, protect and conserve the antiquities or protected premises,' the order said.
Implementing video-surveillance and access control systems without redundancy risks compromising the security and integrity of the protected premises. This is why proposed video-based security systems should run continuously without any single point of failure in order to achieve high availability in any emergency situation making high availability architecture mandatory.
According to the company, the solution, which includes an XG1000 System Controller, Panasonic BL-C1 Network Camera and a Door/Window Contact, enables home owners to view their protected premises remotely, either from their mobile phone, or an Internet enabled PC or Laptop.