protection screen

privacy screen

A panel placed over a computer screen that limits its angle of vision to a front view so that visitors in the room cannot casually see the display. Also called a "privacy filter," it also may help prevent scratches and abrasions as well as improve contrast. See boss screen.

The Customer Can't See a Thing
The privacy screen in this bank prevents customers from viewing anything on screen while the banking officer is looking up confidential data.

screen protector

A transparent, plastic film or liquid that covers the screens of smartphones, tablets and laptops to protect them from scratches and damage. With ultra-thin laptops, the keyboard can press against the closed lid, leaving permanent marks on the screen. In such cases, a piece of leather or soft cloth can be placed over the keyboard before closing.

The first protectors were a thin, inexpensive self-adhesive film made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). They provided a high level of scratch resistance but little impact protection. Some manufacturers sold PET sheets that users cut themselves to fit their phones, but most were sold pre-cut to specific phone models.

The next advancement was thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which offered greater impact protection. Although TPU would absorb low-level impacts, its gel-like feel increased the resistance users felt when moving their finger across the screen. Sometimes an impact would dent the protector, but it was elastic enough to regain its shape over time.

Tempered Glass
Tempered glass was the first major improvement. Although initially expensive, it provided high-level impact and scratch protection without compromising on the feel of the screen. Custom cuts are mandatory; however, the protection varies with the quality of the glass.

Liquid Glass
Liquid screen protection (LSP) is unique. Rather than creating a new layer on top of the screen, LSP strengthens the screen itself. A silicon dioxide solution suspended in alcohol is wiped onto the screen surface by the end user. As the alcohol evaporates, the silicon dioxide sinks into the pores and imperfections in the glass. Over the next 24 hours, the silicon dioxide permanently bonds with the glass leaving a flatter, stronger surface. Providing as much or even a bit more protection than tempered glass, it does not change the aesthetics of the device.

Liquid Glass Protection
Cellhelmet is a nano-liquid that is spread evenly over the device's screen. After the liquid dries and cures, the glass is strengthened at the molecular level. (Image courtesy of Cellhelmet,
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protection screen

Similar to a detention screen except that the screen mesh is not put in tension and the construction may be somewhat lighter; usually used with psychiatric windows.
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For Dh99, customers can get a full body protection screen protector that is anti-scratch.
I phoned Coun Paula Smith and she informed me that she had only been informed two days earlier that the contractors on site, having been made to erect a 6ft protection screen around the tree as part of the planning agreement their workers, had accidentally chopped through the roots and the tree was in immediate danger of collapse.
The presented solution is a manual one, so, for exchanging of the cutting insert, it is needed a longer interruption of the cutting process (all the movements of the machine's tool mobile elements must be stopped, the protection screen must be opened, the rotation must be done manually, and, after that the machining cycle can be restarted).
Options include a tempering unit, mechanical separator clamping side, hydraulic separator nozzle side, hydraulic separator clamping side, sliding table, quick latch system heating platen, quick latch system hydraulic separator, pre-arrangement vacuum, Flex control, ECO control (standard), robotic arm for monitor location, additional heating zone, vacuum pump, central ejector, hydraulic core lifter, pneumatic/mechanical protection screen, dryer and feeding unit, polyvalent screw, TPE screw, rubber screw and hydraulic functions.
The Sea Tiger's cruise along with sister vessel Sea Dragon was heavily guarded by a three-dimensional protection screen deployed earlier by the three armed forces and backed by the navy's radar systems.
The cloud of debris and dust which followed the blast was also contained by a specialist protection screen tightly woven around the demolition site
The following section describes strategies for accommodating users with: (1) visual impairments by using a glare protection screen, a large monitor with high resolution, magnified display of computer screen, large print production, keyboard orientation aids, speech synthesizer, screen reader software, braille printer, and speech recognition system; (2) hearing impairments by using amplification devices, captioning, signaling system, TDD, and electronic mail; and (3) mobility impairments by using sequential keystroke input programs, key repeat rate control, keyboard macros, word prediction packages, speech recognition, robotic devices, mouse alternatives, optical character recognition, phone headset, and speed dialing.

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