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Fragmentation of a protein molecule by addition of water to the peptide bonds.



the hydrolysis of peptide bonds that is catalyzed by proteolytic enzymes. During proteolysis, intrinsic proteins that are undergoing the catabolic process, as well as food proteins, are split into amino acids. Proteolysis is important in the formation of enzymes, hormones, and biologically active peptides from their inactive precursors. In plants proteolysis takes part in the mobilization of the storage proteins of seeds during germination.

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Proteolytic enzymes, like papain found in papaya seeds, are some of the most powerful natural substances for breaking down undigested protein in your digestive tract.
The 1.2-[micro]m microfiltered milk had the longest proteolytic shelf life--42 days--followed by the 1.2-[micro]m microfiltered-HTST sample, the 1.4-[micro]m microfiltered-HTST sample, and the HTST sample--38, 26 and 24 days, respectively.
There was a significant increase in the body weight of the animals when the proteolytic enzyme was added to whey protein, compared to the animals which were fed on whey protein alone.
The specific activity was calculated from the ratio between total proteolytic activity and total concentration of sample proteins, according to the Figure (1) and was expressed in U [micro][g.sup.-1].
The first step of this study was to evaluate the ability of strains isolated from soil contaminated with poultry effluent to produce proteolytic enzymes.
The proteolytic activity of cathepsin D and calpains were expressed in micrograms (um) of tyrosine during one hour for one gram (g) of tissue.
carcinus, since the presence of peaks with acidic proteolytic activity are present (pH 3 and 6), coupled with alkaline digestive proteases, which works at pH 9, and confers to this species a greater ability to hydrolyze the peptide bonds of proteins (Hasan-Chisty et al., 2009).
However, in order to obtain only the embryonic egg measurements, the proteolytic enzymes and protein content of nurse eggs were subsequently discounted, using the following approach.
The selection of samples was based on different combinations of proteolytic and [alpha]-amylolytic activity levels.
Commercial food-grade proteolytic enzymes, FoodPro[R] and Alphalase[R] (DuPont Industrial Biosciences, Brabrand, Denmark), Collupulin[TM] MG (DSM Food Specialties, Alexander Fleminglaan, Netherlands), Alcalase[R], Neutrase[R], Protamex[R], and Flavourzyme[R] (Novozymes A/S, Bagsvaerd, Denmark), Promod[TM] 192P, 279MDP, and 278MDP (Biocatalysts Ltd., Wales, UK), and Bromelain (PT Bromelain Enzyme, Lampung, Indonesia) were purchased and stored at 4[degrees]C until their use in experimental reactions.
Thrombin is not the only proteolytic enzyme that may be responsible for cTnT degradation.
Out of these articles, only most pertinent research articles with oral administered bromelain (separately or in proteolytic enzyme complex) or topical application of bromelain in different surgical care practices were selected.