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1. a territory governed as a unit of a country or empire
2. a district, territory, or region
3. those parts of a country lying outside the capital and other large cities and regarded as outside the mainstream of sophisticated culture
4. Ecology a subdivision of a region, characterized by a particular fauna and flora
5. an area or branch of learning, activity, etc.
6. RC Church Church of England an ecclesiastical territory, usually consisting of several dioceses, and having an archbishop or metropolitan at its head
7. a major administrative and territorial subdivision of a religious order
8. History a region of the Roman Empire outside Italy ruled by a governor from Rome
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in physical geography, one of the morphological parts of a physiographic region. A province consists of a group of interrelated natural landmarks associated with individual large-scale relief forms (for example, with drainage divides or river valleys and terraces) or with variations in the depth of occurrence of the same type of (pre-Anthropogene) bedrock (for example, karstic limestone under a cover of loess loams). In physiographic science complex systems of similar natural landmarks that have merged in the process of their development (for example, upland swamps in taiga landscapes) and parts of a landscape that differ in the quantitative ratios of areas occupied by different types of natural landmarks (for example, pine forests and swamps in the taiga) with the same qualitative composition are also considered provinces. In geographic literature the term “province” is also used in a general sense to designate an area with a unique combination of natural conditions.


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An area composed of a grouping of like bathymetric elements whose features are in obvious contrast with surrounding regions.
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Notwithstanding the calamities produced by the stadtholdership, it has been supposed that without his influence in the individual provinces, the causes of anarchy manifest in the confederacy would long ago have dissolved it.
But Doctor Byles, and other gentlemen who had long been familiar with the successive rulers of the province, were heard to whisper the names of Shirley, of Pownall, of Sir Francis Bernard, and of the well-remembered Hutchinson; thereby confessing that the actors, whoever they might be, in this spectral march of governors, had succeeded in putting on some distant portraiture of the real personages.
It was afterwards affirmed that Sir William Howe had repeated that selfsame gesture of rage and sorrow, when, for the last time, and as the last royal governor, he passed through the portal of the Province House.
The empire of Britain in this ancient province is at its last gasp to-night;--almost while I speak it is a dead corpse;--and methinks the shadows of the old governors are fit mourners at its funeral!"
With these words Colonel Joliffe threw on his cloak, and drawing his granddaughter's arm within his own, retired from the last festival that a British ruler ever held in the old province of Massachusetts Bay.
"MISS SUSAN HUGGINS, at the PROVINCE HOUSE." A pretty chambermaid, no doubt.
Not only did she receive the whole society of the place at her house, not only was she charitable, pious, incapable of saying an unkind thing, but she was fully in accord with the spirit of the place and the habits and customs of the inhabitants, who liked her as the symbol of their lives; she was absolutely inlaid into the ways of the provinces; she had never quitted them; she imbibed all their prejudices; she espoused all their interests; she adored them.
In spite of her income of eighteen thousand francs from landed property, a very considerable fortune in the provinces, she lived on a footing with families who were less rich.
Nunez said Zarraga is the sixth evacuation center to open in Western Visayas region and second in Iloilo province, the first one was built in Carles town.
House Bill 3054 seeks to create the new province form the towns that comprise Maguindanao's first congressional district: Barira, Buldon, Matanog, Sultan Mastura, Sultan Kudarat, Parang, Kabuntalan Mother, Kabuntalan North, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Datu Blah Sinsuat, and North Upi.
Meanwhile, Hemal Gunasekara took oaths as the new Governor of the Southern Province