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(less commonly), provisionary
a postage stamp surcharged during an emergency to alter the stamp's denomination or significance until a new or regular issue is printed


of, designating, or relating to the unofficial factions of the IRA and Sinn Féin that became increasingly dominant following a split in 1969. The Provisional movement remained committed to a policy of terrorism until its ceasefires of the mid-1990s
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The index for 'non-food articles' group rose by 0.1 pc to 128.8 (provisional) from 128.7 (provisional) for the previous month due to higher price of groundnut seed (5 pc), gingelly seed (sesamum) and cottonseed (3 pc each), hides (raw), skins (raw), floriculture (2 pc each) and fodder, raw rubber and castor seed (1 pc each).
Recruitment agencies noted that these factors prevented them from meeting POEA's required deployment of 100 workers to their principals so that their provisional license can be upgraded to a regular one.
The ERC's provisional CPCN granted to Peco is subject to the following conditions:
The provisional safeguard duty on ceramic floor and wall tiles would be in place for a period of 200 days from the date the Bureau of Customs releases the relevant memorandum order or 15 days after DTI's order is published in two newspapers.
Now the UAE is requesting an indication of provisional measures from the ICJ in order to preserve its rights to procedural fairness, to an equal opportunity to present its case, and to proper administration of justice, which are being threatened by Qatar's pursuing of parallel proceedings before the ICJ.
The material system and the fabrication technique involved influence the marginal accuracy of the provisional restorations.
The provisional GDP estimates for the year 2017-18 and revised GDP estimates for the year 2016-17 presented in the 99th meeting of the NAC have been updated on the basis of latest available data.
Depending on the number of rooms, the average price per square meter was as follows: one-room - 625 provisional units (minus 1 percent), two-room - 621 provisional units (unchanged), three-room - 642 provisional units (minus 1 percent), apartments with four or more rooms - 652 provisional units (unchanged).
The committee recommended giving a provisional provincial status to this region, pending the final settlement of the Kashmir dispute.
In terms of US dollars the exports during July-March, 2017-18 totaled $17,074 million (provisional) as compared to $15,097 million during the same period of previous year explaining a rise of 13.10 percent.
His caddie advised him to play a provisional ball which he did.The provisional ball was very well struck straight down the middle of the fairway.
He said all current learning programmes under provisional accreditation would be expected to be accredited by December 2020.

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