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English criminal law words or conduct that incite a person to attack another
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(1) An act of inciting or prompting individuals, groups, or organizations to actions that will lead to grave, sometimes disastrous, consequences.

(2) Treacherous actions perpetrated by private agents of the police and reactionary parties (agents provocateurs) aimed at exposing, discrediting, and ultimately crushing progressive and revolutionary organizations.

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According to Biggie, she went against the rule book which clearly states that provocation and violence are not permitted in the House.
"The Syrians here and in New York say they know that chemical munitions are being delivered [to Syria], they know from which countries, the names of the people responsible for preparing the provocations. For instance, a chemical provocation is being prepared in Idlib as we speak.
The Armenian provocation has failed due to the skills of the Azerbaijani military pilots and modern devices installed in the aviation assets.
"According to residents of the Saraqeb settlement, in this area, Nusra Front militants are preparing a provocation with poisonous chemical substances and fragments of Russian aviation munition...
We conclude that pursuant to the plain language of the relevant statutes, when the State stipulates to amend a first-degree intentional homicide charge to a second-degree offense based upon the mitigating circumstance of adequate provocation, it stipulates not to the fact that adequate provocation existed, but rather to its inability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that facts supporting such a defense did not exist.
The doctrine of provocation as a mitigating factor in criminal culpability has been the subject of considerable study in various countries.
He was represented by Zakaur Rehman Advocate who argued that he killed four persons under grave and sudden provocation when he saw his wife in a compromising position with another person.
At first glance, it appears that this provocation renders Cohne's conduct eligible for coverage under the Policy.
Rationality in the North Korean Regime: Understanding the Kims' Strategy of Provocation
The military official said "we are totally ready to meet and deter any and all military provocation." A series of North Korean missile tests this year has sparked international alarm and raised tensions with the US.
The more active the DLPFC is during the provocation phase, lesser are the chances of taking revenge.
We appeal to the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, the President of the State, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of the Assembly to act and take the necessary measures not to let such a provocation pass, without revealing the role of the official of the Serbian Embassy in the Assembly of the 27 April, where the worst experience had the leader of AA, Ziadin Sela, and Zoran Zaev.