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English criminal law words or conduct that incite a person to attack another



(1) An act of inciting or prompting individuals, groups, or organizations to actions that will lead to grave, sometimes disastrous, consequences.

(2) Treacherous actions perpetrated by private agents of the police and reactionary parties (agents provocateurs) aimed at exposing, discrediting, and ultimately crushing progressive and revolutionary organizations.

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He also expressed satisfaction that Turkey's provocations would be on the agenda of the European Council in March.
The Sumgayit unrest was a provocation against Azerbaijan by the intelligence services of Armenia and the State Security Committee of the USSR, reads a joint statement issued by Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan on Sumgayit events of 1988.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that attack against Russian base in Syria might be a staged provocation aimed at derailing the Syrian National Dialogue Congress.
However, if the North takes the other path and goes ahead with another provocation involving a nuclear-capable, intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), this will escalate the clashes between Pyongyang and Washington, worsening the situation.
The DPRK must now realize that provocations will only bring diplomatic isolation and economic hardship, and that only the abandonment of its nuclear and ballistic missile programs can ensure its security and economic development.
The ministry also warned that with its provocations, North Korea will only earn "diplomatic isolation and economic hardship.
But it has refrained from provocations following its launch of an intermediate-range missile over Japan on Sept.
Seoul, May 29 (BNA): Top nuclear envoys of South Korea, the United States and Japan strongly condemned North Korea's latest missile test on Monday, vowing to maintain close cooperation and seek stern action against Pyongyang's "reckless" and "continued" provocations, South Korea's foreign ministry said.
Le ministere palestinien des Affaires etrangeres a demande au quartette de se pencher sur les provocations racistes des milieux officiels israeliens contre le peuple palestinien et ses dirigeants.
Asked to comment on remarks by the government press office's head that "provocations" had taken place on a meeting of Borisov with the Bulgarian expat community in London, she has opined there are "obvious" attempts of "forces and groups" to stir provocations and tarnish the government's reputation.
SEUL (CyHAN)- SEOUL -- South Korea's top military officer on Friday warned the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) of "a harsh price" for any further provocations.