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English criminal law words or conduct that incite a person to attack another
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(1) An act of inciting or prompting individuals, groups, or organizations to actions that will lead to grave, sometimes disastrous, consequences.

(2) Treacherous actions perpetrated by private agents of the police and reactionary parties (agents provocateurs) aimed at exposing, discrediting, and ultimately crushing progressive and revolutionary organizations.

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Duterte says he's against military drills in South China Sea cos it might provoke China: 'As I said, China is already in possession.
| A man, 24, from Barnsley, was charged with obstructing/resisting an officer and using threatening/ abusive words with intent to cause fear/ provoke unlawful violence.
The director said Israeli forces deliberately provoke students through their almost daily presence at the university's entrance; and the searching and interrogating of students, which provokes clashes.
'They are trying to whip up the rhetoric against the institutions and trying to provoke the public,' he said.
THE JAGGED, high-contrast, and blurry imagery often associated with postwar Japanese photography can be traced to the legendary photo magazine that is the subject of the compact and exhilarating exhibition "Provoke: Between Protest and Performance--Photography in Japan 1960-1975," which I saw at the Paris alternative space Le Bal.
"As for everything that goes on around us, there's a number of videos that have been uploaded on the web and clearly the English really did provoke them, and indeed the Welsh fans.
Political experts warn that placing religious and ethnic symbols might provoke incidents.
Turkish media heavily criticised Tarasov's t-shirt sign, calling it an attempt to provoke Turkey or Turkish fans.
a pe "Jack's game is to provoke with the ball at his feet and go and penetrate.
The trio were all due at Coventry Magistrates Court yesterday for the opening day of a scheduled four-day trial Dawson, 24, of Tachbrook Street, Leamington, has denied charges of obstructing or resisting a constable in execution of duty and using threatening, insulting words or abusive behaviour to provoke unlawful violence.
This is also an implicit threat, perhaps, with Israel telling the Americans that it won't hesitate to provoke chaos in the Middle East unless it is fully supported by Washington.
It's an old tactic, yet always effective: provoke your opponent into an attack that works to your advantage.