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English criminal law words or conduct that incite a person to attack another



(1) An act of inciting or prompting individuals, groups, or organizations to actions that will lead to grave, sometimes disastrous, consequences.

(2) Treacherous actions perpetrated by private agents of the police and reactionary parties (agents provocateurs) aimed at exposing, discrediting, and ultimately crushing progressive and revolutionary organizations.

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Echoing the captionless layout of the original Provoke issues, the cacophonous installation at Le Bal favored books and films, performance scripts and documentation, and enlarged photographic reproductions arrayed like wallpaper across the interior.
According to him, Macedonian citizens are aware and won't become part of the dark scenarios which provoke ethnic and religious hatred and separations.
When he was asked about provoking Turkey, he responded saying: "I did not mean to provoke, smart people will understand that it was not the intention.
Dukinfield, 19, of Radford Road, Leamington, pleaded not guilty to using threatening, insulting words or abusive behaviour to provoke unlawful violence.
Why would ISIS deliberately provoke Western powers?
As per to the company, the partnership further make stronger Provoke s product strategy and indicates their assurance to offering a carefully chosen array of applications which expand their core Microsoft technologies.
I REFER to "Muslim veil ban row: Debate over the niqab provokes bigotry says expert" (Mail, September 18).
Lavrov stressed that the extremist opposition members have been provoked to adopt an extremist path that aims at toppling the regime and rejects any calls for dialogue, indicating that the extremist gunmen exploit the peaceful demonstrations to provoke the Syrian authorities.
Russia has warned the US-led plan may provoke a new arms race and upset a strategic balance in the region by threatening its nuclear deterrent capability.
Mr Balls claimed ministers were deliberately trying to provoke the unions to strike so that they could then be blamed for the failure of the coalition government's strategy.
According to the State National Security Service, snipers are in various parts of Osh, who shoot into Kyrgyz and Uzbeks and this way provoke them.
The move would be sure to provoke this weekend's strike and even risk widening it to other airlines.