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Near the body or the median line of the body.
(control systems)
Located close to the base or pedestal and away from the end effector of a robot.
Of a sedimentary deposit, composed of coarse clastics and formed near the source.



in anatomy, a term that indicates the location of an organ or a part of an organ that is closer to the center of the body or to the sagittal plane of the body’s surface. Proximal is opposed to distal. For example, in man the shoulder is the proximal section of the arm, while the hand is the distal section.

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Proximally, the stem was grossly loose within the medullary canal.
In all three specimens, the DF and SF remained distinguishable proximally through the common fibular nerve and through the sciatic bifurcation (joint space to bifurcation distance: 1L = 9.
Such equipment has so little closeness that often it is proximally quite impossible to find.
bonettii are very broad proximally, with a more pronounced basal plate (Armas 1999), and the first 6-7 pectinal teeth are noticeably larger than the rest (Fig.
In 4 patients, the trach tube was too short proximally or the cuff was found in the stoma, prompting an emergent trach change to a longer trach tube.
The ulna and the radius are long bones of the forearm, broader proximally and narrower distally.
The Proxis is the first FDA-cleared embolic protection system to provide protection proximally, or "upstream," from an SVG blockage, according to St.
Further investigations are warranted with regard to the effect of SMT on joint stiffness, not only at the knee but also more proximally in the kinetic chain.
high proximally and 2 to 3 [micro]m high distally, with a sharp or
Selective salpingography has been introduced at Heartlands Hospital as a minor outpatient operation which can treat proximally blocked fallopian tubes.
The lesions spread proximally from the site of injury, but they remained confined to her right arm.
Rather than food going directly from the mouth into the stomach, food can sit in this diverticulum, or pouch, proximally and decompose.