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Near the body or the median line of the body.
(control systems)
Located close to the base or pedestal and away from the end effector of a robot.
Of a sedimentary deposit, composed of coarse clastics and formed near the source.



in anatomy, a term that indicates the location of an organ or a part of an organ that is closer to the center of the body or to the sagittal plane of the body’s surface. Proximal is opposed to distal. For example, in man the shoulder is the proximal section of the arm, while the hand is the distal section.

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Proximate cause is the law's intended mechanism to limit indeterminate liability Thus, whether a defendant's negligent conduct constitutes proximate cause is often dispositive in personal injury litigation.
The proximate compositions of both the plain and composite flours are presented in Table 3.
Undertaking additional FDIs in countries culturally proximate to the MNE's home country will confront the MNE with additional novel obstacles and issues related to cultural differences, providing it with opportunities to learn how to detect underlying differences between operations in foreign cultures.
In statutory proximate cause cases courts assume that federal statutes are comparable to common law torts, such as negligence.
It concludes by proposing that instead of applying a proximate cause standard to victim losses which arise from the distribution and possession of pornographic images Congress should impose a limited statutory penalty against defendants to be paid directly to victims.
The first two steps of the proximate cause analysis are relatively straightforward.
Adler, who argued the case for the appellees, says the decision "adds to a growing body of case law" affirming that directness--not just forseeability--is required in determining proximate cause.
The panel rejected the defendant's reliance on Leonardi v Loyola University of Chicago, 1681112d 83, 658 NE2d 450 (1995), that defendants have the right to present evidence that the conduct of a nonparty is the sole proximate cause of a plaintiff's injuries, distinguishing that case because it involved medical malpractice, not asbestos exposure.
The implications of this research for the proximate cause theory of the felony murder rule are twofold.
Vaisvilas as to the causation of death were construed in favor of the plaintiff, there was "doubt as to what conclusion a jury would reach" as to whether the nurses' conduct was the proximate cause of death.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: This patient, who underwent emergency surgery to repair the puncture in her bladder (which resulted in peritonitis) was in a coma for Six days after which she was in the hospital's ICU was unfortunate to have selected expert medical witnesses who failed to establish that the patient's complications and extended treatment were the proximate result of the nursing negligence of Nurse Chase.
It stated that in determining whether the relation is proximate, the taxpayer's dominant motivation for making the guarantee must be business oriented.