prunus dulcis

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Look like unripe small green pointy peaches- inside the fuzzy "peach" is a stone and inside the stone is the "almond" kernel. Almonds are not really a nut- they are a seed. You can live off almonds indefinitely. Almonds are highly nutritious, rich in almost all the elements needed by body. Almonds are one of the only alkaline nuts. They inhibit tumor cell growth, good source of vit E and magnesium, fiber, calcium, iron. The outer fleshy part is edible also- the best time is when the fruit is still young and the insides haven’t hardened yet.
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Prunus dulcis commonly known as almond belonging to the Rosacea family is gaining considerable attention as a newly naturally value added edible oils.
Prunus dulcis are already evaluated worldwide regarding characterization of oils on basis of physicochemical parameters, profiling of their lipids by conventional industrial adopted extraction technique - Soxhlet extraction with hexane and ether as extracting solvents (Ashraf et al., 2011; Fatima et al., 2012).
Antioxidant activity of Prunus dulcis in hexane extracted almond oil with ultrasonic assistance technology of almond seeds were tested by DPPH radical scavenging assay.
Determination of pollen production and quality attributes of some almond cultivars (Prunus dulcis) and selected wild almond (Amygdalus orientalis) genotypes.
wulfenii crecio adyacente a un huerto de Prunus dulcis. Se evaluo la abundancia relativa de los parasitoides de Aphis viticis Ferrari en V.
Euphorbiaceae as reservoirs of aphid parasitoids when they grow in the vicinity of Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck Rutaceae and Prunus dulcis (Miller) D.A.
In the pres ent s tudy, we aimed to determine ABTS+, DPPH, OH radical s cavenging, metal chelating activities , and total phenolic, tota l protein, total flavonoid, total proanthocyanidin, phenolic acids , flavonoid contents of almond kernel (Prunus dulcis) methanol extracts from Elazig in Turkey.
A The non-flowering sample you sent appears to be from the common almond, Prunus dulcis, and the other from Prunus "Shogetsu," also known as "Blushing Bride".
O melhoramento genetico dos porta-enxertos do pessegueiro para o controle do vigor foi, recentemente, examinado tambem na California, tanto atraves da polinizacao livre do Prunus bessey x Prunus Salicina, quanto mediante o cruzamento da Prunus Salicina x Prunus dulcis (DeJong, 2002).