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The Locata technology consists of a network of terrestrially-based and time-synchronised pseudolite transceivers, as shown in Fig.
In parallel with such efforts, Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been working under the GPX Pseudolite programme on the use of UAV-borne or ground-based transmitters that would create a high-powered artificial GPS environment over the battle area.
Imagine what a sophisticated middle income country could do with a few thousand French and/or Russian precision guided munitions (PGMs); a few hundred unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (from any of 30 countries); digital videocameras; personal computers; cellular switches phones and pagers; GPS and pseudolite receivers; pocket radars; and night vision goggles; plus archived Powerscene maps combining purchased space imagery and topography, all integrated by a few hundred U.
Based on the same pseudolite technology that Novariant has employed in precision landings of commercial aircraft and military fighter planes in zero visibility conditions, the Terralite XPS system architecture is now being deployed to support other critical applications that require continuous positioning availability.
pseudolites, EGNOS re-transmission and cellular network techniques -Set up urban pilot trials of key road transport applications -Assess potential impacts and benefits of Galileo advantages for pilot users.
8) Actual field demonstrations showed that airborne pseudolites could replace satellite broadcasts, providing good-quality navigation signals to military GPS receivers with only software modifications to the receivers.
and Cobb, who makes global positioning system (GPS) receivers and pseudolites (pseudo satellites--ground stations sending satellite-like signals), explore how GPS and other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) are increasingly being used to control ground vehicles from automatically steered farm tractors to automated mining equipment as well as unmanned military ground vehicles.
Precise mapping, pseudolites, and inertial measurement systems can mitigate the loss of GPS.
GPS, Cell-ID, triangulation and WiFi, pseudolites, zone detection, etc.
Space Systems Finland's business unit Naviva is specialized in providing high-technology GPS signal generators, pseudolites and navigation solutions for complex navigation applications and environments.