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(so͞o`dənĭm) [Gr.,=false name], name assumed, particularly by writers, to conceal identity. A writer's pseudonym is also referred to as a nom de plume (pen name). Famous examples in literature are George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), O. Henry (William Sydney Porter), Stendhal (Marie Henri Beyle), and George Sand (Mme Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, baronne Dudevant). Perhaps because the genre is not considered a serious one, detective story writers often use pseudonyms, especially if they are noted in other fields; for example, the poet C. Day Lewis wrote mysteries under the name Nicholas Blake.


See S. Halkett and J. Laing, Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymous English Literature (7 vol., rev. ed. 1926–34; repr. 1971).

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In the UO case, Clune cited a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals case from 1981 that allowed a prisoner to use a pseudonym while testifying in a drug case, so other prisoners wouldn't hurt him for cooperating with the government upon his return to prison.
A tiny number of people knew my pseudonym, and it has not been pleasant to wonder for days how a woman whom I had never heard of prior to Sunday night could have found out something that many of my oldest friends did not know," (http://www.
Mr R A Vant should not be getting uptight about readers using pseudonyms or not having replies to his letters published.
Dr Brooke Magnanti has come out and told the world she was the former call girl who blogs under the pseudonym.
The Second Circuit examined two questions: "Under what circumstances may a plaintiff file a complaint using a pseudonym, and what standard governs our review of a district court's decision to permit or deny a request to file under a pseudonym?
The prostitute - known only by the pseudonym Ms Logan - did not appear in court, and details of her employer were not publicly revealed.
he has a book to plug, which he has written under the pseudonym of Vichous Majissian.
The pseudonym not only shrouds the pair's identity in mystery, but, the upshot of a chance encounter, embodies their creative method: Vedova Mazzei are motivated by serendipity, they make art from whatever crosses their path and happens to attract their attention.
Later, she gained international exposure by penning a book titled 'God Made Me Small, Surgery Made Me Tall', under a pseudonym Sara Vornamen.
Patrick Ireland" is a pseudonym adopted by Irish-born Brian O'Doherty in 1972, "until such time as the British military presence is removed from Northern Ireland.
wbe" agrees to never again post messages on any public forum as "wbe" or any other pseudonym.