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Abbr. for “planed and square-jointed.”
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Current PSJ manager Ancelotti is interested in returning to England.
Stone J, Malone PSJ, Atwill D, McGrigor V, Hill CM.
Nieuwenhuyse A, Verburg PSJ, Jongsmans AG (2000) Mineralogy of a soil chronosequence on andesitic lava in humid tropical Costa Rica.
Nowadays there are as many as 55 fishers in the floodplain, of whom 30 fish in PRI and 25 in PSJ (Mr Francisco Vicente Vieira -Colony Z-14 President, personal communication).
He was regularly followed by a Triumph, registration number PSJ 136X.
This was truly a labor-of-love for Don, and he would certainly have continued his close association with PSJ if his health had permitted him to do so.
Autotech Controls has purchased Igranic Control Systems and PSJ Fabrications to form Automated Technology Group (ATG), the largest automation control company in the country.
6) I am grateful for these suggestions to one of the anonymous reviewers of CEU PSJ.
The family learns that other people have been abducted in the same way as Abby, and that the kidnappers bear the markings of PSJ.
PSJ is located just five miles west of Silver Cross and controls 29.