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Some of these changes are the very things that have allowed psychoanalysis and religion to integrate in more profitable ways.
with the Enlightenment, which psychoanalysis both bolstered and
That psychoanalysis cannot offer a solution to the problem of transference, or close the gap between the subject and the signifier, or dispel subjective limitations, does not signal its failure but its contribution, its way of keeping questions alive and resisting interpretive closure.
One of the tensions between psychoanalysis and history comes from the fact that, unlike history, psychoanalysis often stresses atemporality.
In the language of psychoanalysis, we need to be careful of our own needs to fetishise theory.
But despite the clear value of these individual pieces the larger question is still the structure of the book as a whole and the even more important issue of the relationship between psychoanalysis and philosophy.
But this is also true of Juillerat's interpretive work as a whole regardless of his aspirations to bring into it psychoanalysis.
Written by people from a wide range of backgrounds - medical sociology, anthropology, psychoanalysis, medicine, complementary therapy, the law - this book is unique in taking into account the perspectives of the healers them selves.
That being the case, I confess to having previously written a less-than-flattering book about psychoanalysis (Freudian Fraud) and to being a biological psychiatrist.
He had turned 90 last August 14, and even though there was not much difference in our ages, I always considered him as my "Teacher" both in psychoanalysis and parapsychology.
A psychoanalysis based upon second-hand sources is neither necessary nor appropriate.
Academically speaking, psychoanalysis is getting an increasingly bad press,(1) though I suspect it still has a fair deal of popular support.