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"Psychokinesis" has freed her of such an obsession.
In association with psychokinesis this allows faster than light (and also back in time) signaling.
Participants were tested individually in a sound-proof darkened room in order to help concentration and to keep the cover of a psychokinesis experiment plausible.
The five factors are interpreted as follows: factor one--"mental and psychic phenomena (MPP)"; factor two--"religious belief (RB)"; factor three--"psychokinesis (PK)"; factor four--"supernatural entities (SE)"; and factor five --"common paranormal perceptions (CPP)."
"The company withdrew all support when it found out I was planning a mass psychokinesis experiment, to test the ability of the mind to affect objects remotely.
Parapsychology was, of course, included since some officers were haunted by the possibility that psychokinesis might just provide an enemy with a means of disabling sophisticated electronic equipment.
He was the founder of the Greek Society for Psychical Research (GSPR), author of the theory of psychoboly (the forerunner of psychokinesis), a tireless psychical investigator, and a figure of international renown at his time, having initiated some of the earliest long-distance telepathy experiments (between Athens, New York, Paris, Vienna, and other European capitals).
Time and again, I have been asked by well-meaning people why I believe individuals who claim to have special psychic and supernatural powers-like psychokinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, astral projection and precognition-when there is no scientific proof.
The student had asked him for help when she found none of her professors would monitor her work attempting to replicate Helmut Schmidt's psychokinesis experiments using an electronic random number generator and experimental protocols she had developed.
Influencing the behavior of an object or changing its shape without physical means is the very definition of telekinesis, or psychokinesis.
Uri Geller first used his powers of telepathy and psychokinesis (spoon bending) when he was just four years old.
These terms are not fully interchangeable because psychokinesis is included in "psi" but not "ESP"; regardless, the authors of the two volumes switch use of terms, hopefully in a manner not confusing to the reader.