public defender

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public defender,

governmental official who represents indigent persons accused of crime. U.S. Supreme Court decisions expanding the right to counsel to pretrial proceedings and holding that a person cannot be sentenced to even one day in jail unless a lawyer was provided have created a need for more lawyers to represent the indigent. Proponents of the public defender office claim that it is the most efficient and effective method of protecting the indigent. Other systems include court-appointed counsel from the local bar, clinics operated by law schools, and legal aid societies. The societies are privately funded and offer civil and criminal representation.
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Most state attorneys and public defenders, according to the information compiled by their respective associations for the authority, are seeking an extension of the October 1 deadline because they or their local clerks are not ready to do "batch" filings.
Public Defender, 13th Judicial Circuit President, Florida Public Defender Association
would be to count anyone who was represented by the public defender at
This is the first year that BJA awarded this funding to each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia to provide loan repayment assistance for federal and state public defenders and state and local prosecutors who agree to remain employed as public defenders and prosecutors for at least three years.
All this makes Placek a fascinating character but a poor starting point for discussing the adequacy of the public defender system.
Like the prosecutors they face in court, public defenders aren't in the legal profession to get rich.
And in time they will try to allow the public defender to have a monopoly and squeeze the private practices of legal aid.
In fact, the new program amounts to a hidden budget cut for the Wisconsin Public Defender.
Currently, states(6) lack a uniform negligence standard for public defender malpractice.
They had been seen by one assistant public defender at the preliminary hearing, another who filed the application for bail reduction, and still another who tried the case.
She is a past president of the Black Public Defenders Association.
While idealistic and dedicated, Alexander reveals there is nothing easy about being a public defender, as she struggled to keep up with 120 cases of clients charged with serious felonies.