public defender

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public defender,

governmental official who represents indigent persons accused of crime. U.S. Supreme Court decisions expanding the right to counsel to pretrial proceedings and holding that a person cannot be sentenced to even one day in jail unless a lawyer was provided have created a need for more lawyers to represent the indigent. Proponents of the public defender office claim that it is the most efficient and effective method of protecting the indigent. Other systems include court-appointed counsel from the local bar, clinics operated by law schools, and legal aid societies. The societies are privately funded and offer civil and criminal representation.
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In 2017, the plaintiffs represented by the ACLU, the MacArthur Justice Center and the California-based Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe alleged "multiple and longstanding systemic deficiencies" in the public defender's services.
"Public defenders have the privilege to stand beside people when they are at their most vulnerable, facing the full force of the government without the resources to respond on their own," she said.
He says there are people calling themselves Public Defenders, when they are not.
Chief Judge Paul Benshoof denied the request although he found that the Ninth District Public Defender budget for expert services is completely depleted for the remainder of FY 2019.
Because of the new law, the Public Defender's Office had to designate an experienced felony attorney to handle those cases.
The group conducted an extensive study of how Mississippi provides lawyers to criminal defendants who can't afford their own, detailing a rickety county-by-county system where low pay may incentivize public defenders in many counties to skimp on work at the same time that defenders may fear fighting hard for their clients because that might upset judges who appoint them.
A state grant helped launch the local public defender's office in 2011, but it only represents a small fraction of poor defendants in the county; private lawyers handle the rest of the court appointments.
Grant said maintains a list of certified and trained dogs placed in justice systems and has confirmed there is not another dog placed in a public defender's office.
"Accordingly, the public defender's office accomplished the purpose of the rule and Wright's attorney did not have to be relieved."
Smith, a Republican, was first elected public defender in 2008 and was the only candidate to file.
One reason case refusal may not occur is that many public defender offices lack independence, meaning that a refusal to accept cases could result in the termination or discipline of the lawyers involved.